All LP's in this section are SEALED Original US 1st Pressings unless otherwise stated. Any cutout's will be mentioned in the description.Please also view the "Grading" page regarding the Sealed LP policy.

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A NEW PLACE TO LIVE - Same (Canada Mandala) 1972 Rare Original Pressing of Canadian Mystery Psych LP with John Gallo involvement and released on his own Mandal Label. Featured in the 3001 Record collector Book. Beautiful SEALED copy, coh 150

BARRY ALLEN - Same (Can. MCA 7005) 1971 Orig. Canadian Press post Wes Dakus & Rebels. Produced by Randy Bachman, much rarer than the US release on UNI which is also housed in a different cover. SEALED, coh 25

MARCUS ALLEN - Eveningsong (Private) 1978 Private Press Followup LP in the same vein as his first. Includes the 12 minute "Gishi" "Prayers for an unborn child" "Song for a Deva". Both of his LP's perfectly capture the late 70's California spiritual mellow dreamy vibe. SEALED 40

PETER ANDERS - Same (Family 2705) 1972 Rare Folk Rock LP w. Mike Deasy , Danny Kootch, Clydie King, Emil Richards SEALED 30

LOS APSON - Por Eso Estamos Como Estamos (US ECO 388) Rare SEALED Original by this great mexican Garage/Beat outfit. One of their best LP's! 40

ARMAGEDDON - Same (Amos) 1969 Rare Original Cream Influenced Los Angeles Heavy Psych Rock released on the tiny Amos Label and rarely seen for sale. Fragile Black cover almost always has some degree of wear, this copy is amazingly still SEALED, cc 140

ARMPIT - Bizarro Album (Monroe) 1978 Original 4th LP by this totally whacked out bunch from the LA Undergound scene. Perfect SEALED copy 70

ASHBURY - Endless Skies (Private) 1983 Original Private Press of killer Arizona Hardrock housed in amazing Wizard Cover. Perfect SEALED 175

BACK STREET CRAWLER - The Band Plays On (Atlantic) 1975 Original US Pressing with Paul Kossoff SEALED, sawcut 25

BADFINGER - Ass (Apple 3411) 1973 Original US Pressing, perfect SEALED 30

LANDER BALLARD - High Time (Freewind) 1977 Obscure Private Acoustic/Electric Hippie Folk Rock SEALED w. Lyrics Booklet 20

BEYOND - Music and Beyond (Private) 1979 Excellent Oklahoma Private Press Spacey Progressive Hardrock with tons of effects and Guitar. Perfect SEALED copy 70

BITTER BLOOD STREET THEATRE - Volume 2 (Vetco) 1978 Perfect SEALED 30

BLUE THINGS - Same (RCA LSP 3603) 1966 Original and much rarer STEREO Pressing still factory SEALED! 250

BOOT - Same (Agape) 1972 Florida smoking Hardrock Psych with twin Leads released on the tiny Agape Label. Perfect SEALED 100

ANDY BOWN - Gone To My Head (Mercury 1-625) 1972 Gatefold orig. SEALED, coh 15

DAVE BRANDL - All I Want To Say (Private) 1978 Private Press Dreamy Folk Rock SSW LP with acoustic/ Electric 6 and 12 String Guitar, Clarinet, Bass, Percussion and occasional subdued Wah wah aswell as some female backing vocals. Very good and solid LP in this genre that deserves a lot more attention. Perfect SEALED 50

BROTHER FOX AND THE TAR BABY - Same (Oracle) 1969 Rare Boston area late 60's Fuzzy Psych Rock with the bassist from Pugsley Munion. Original 1st Pressing on the tiny Orcale Label and housed in thick Gatefoldcover. Was later released on Capitol, here the rare 1st issue perfect SEALED 70

DUNCAN BROWNE - Give Me Take You (Immediate) 1968 Very Rare US Original 1st Pressing of his melancholy introspective Debut LP. Rarely seen in any condition, this one is still Sealed!. Small Promo hole top left and some corner dings. Should contain the Lyric Insert! SEALED 100

BURTON & CUNICO - Strive, Seek ,Find (Family 6013) 1971 Scarce Hippie Folk Rock Duo SEALED, sc 20

CABOOSE - Same (Enterprise) 1971 Very obscure Funky Psych Rock LP out of Memphis with strong Guitar and Keyboard. SEALED, coh 40

CHILD - Same (Jubilee) 1969 Original of amazing Heavy Organ Guitar Psych. Highly recommended LP out of NY. Perfect SEALED 100

CHIRCO - Visitation (Crested Butte) 1972 Superb Prog Psych relased on the tiny Crested Butte Label filled with Fuzz Guitar and strong Keys. Has been Reissued by Akarma, here is a rare chance for a Top Original Press. Slight wear on the corners, still SEALED 200

PETER COFIELD - Same (Coral 757508) 1968 Late 60's Flower Power Pop Psych Gatefold SEALED, coh 20

BURT COMPTON / STEVE MELE - Rock' n Roll Genius (Wizard) 1977 Rare Florida Private Press melodic Hardrock with some searing Lead Guitar and great cover of the Nazz track "Open My Eyes". Shrink coming loose at opening, coh SEALED 50

CONDELLO - Phase 1 (Scepter) 1968 Killer Arizona Late 60's Garage Psych with Bill Spooner pre Tubes on Guitar, filled with Fuzz and effects. A very overlooked Gem that rarely turns up. Slight cornerwear, this copy is still SEALED 85

DON COOPER - Same (Roulette) 1969 Original of vastly underrated SSW Folk Rock , perfect SEALED 25

CORPORATION - Get On Our Swing (Age Of Aquarius) 1969 Original Of their great 2nd LP filled with strong Fuzz Garage psych tracks and released on the small Wisconsis "Age Of Aquarius" Label. SEALED 70

CORPORATION - Hassles In My Mind (Age of Aquarius) 1970 Original of their 3rd and last LP. SEALED 70

CRITTERS - Touch'N' Go With.. (Project 3) 1968 Pop Psych rarity , SEALED, coh 60

CROW - Mosaic (Camaret 5009) 1971 Orig. US Press of their 3rd LP SEALED,coh 25

CRYAN' SHAMES - Synthesis (Columbia 9719) 1968 Third and rarest LP by them SEALED, coh 25

CUPID'S INSPIRATION - Same (Date 4020) 1970 Obscure UK Pop Psych SEALED, cc 20

CURFEW - Let There Be Dark (United Artists) 1970 Highly underrated Psych Rock obscurity, cut corner SEALED 50

DAN AR BRAS - Douar Nevez - Terre Nouvelle (France Hexagone) 1977 Original 1st LP / French Progressive Folk Rock with some Celtic leanings and helped out by Dave Pegg on Bass. Really recommended unique moody LP and this copy is perfect SEALED 40

DANKS - Same (Colossus 1005) 1970 Scarce Male/Female Folkrock produced by Jerry Ross SEALED 25

DARIUS - Same (Chartmaker) 1969 Original of legendary US Psych Monster and this copy is amazingly still SEALED without defects. A real one oiff chance in this condition SEALED OFFERS!

DAVE DEE,DOZY,BEAKY,MICK & TICH - Greatest Hits (US Fontana 67567) 196? Original US Pressing of the 1st LP released here. SEALED, tiny coh 20

THE DAVID - Another Day Another Lifetime (VMC) 1967 Original Stereo copy with small coh, still SEALED 240

TIM DAWE - A Night At The Wine Cellar (Private) 1977 Rare California Private Pressing just after his LP with Mrs. Pickens. Actually an acoustic Live compilation with a few different artists including Tim Dawe being helped out by Patricia Pickens on a few tracks, recorded live in some Northern California wine cellar. Tiny Pressing that rarely turns up even here, Reissued a few years ago on Radioactive. Here an original, SEALED 100

RUSSELL DEAN - Same (Metromedia 1046) 1971 Rare Singer/Songwriter Hippie LP released on the small Metromedia Label. Gatefold, SEALED 20

DEERFIELD - Nil Desperandum (Flat Rock) 1971 Perfect Original of this scarce Texas Rural Guitar psych LP SEALED 120

RANDY DENISON - Collage (Mega 1001) 1969 Rarely offered Pop Psych LP SEALED. coh 30

DIRTY BLUES BAND - Stone Dirt (Bluesway) 1968 Original of rarely seen Heavy Blues Rock ripper with strong Harp SEALED, coh 60

DRNWYN - Gypsies In The Mist (Private) 1978 Rare Ohio Private Press Acid Folk Psych with electric & acoustic leads, Mandolin, keys and some female backing. Only 800 copies pressed back in the day and this one is perfect w. Lyric Insert SEALED 200

DUG DUG'S - Abre Tu Mente (Mexico RCA) 1985 Still a killer heavy Psych Rock sound. Original, SEALED 40

MONTE DUNN AND KAREN CRUZ - Same (Cyclone) 1969 Soft Rock Psych rarity on small Bell subsidiary SEALED, cc 40

DUNN & McCASHEN - Same (Capitol 565) 1969 Original Capitol Release by this obscure Pop Sike Duo who also had another better known LP called "Mobius" SEALED, Promo Hole 25

EARTH FREE - Conjerti, Morreale & Dibley (Private) 1972 Great newly discovered East Coast melancholic Folk Rock psych Trio with acoustic and electric guitars, Bass and Drums. "Race Of The Sun" "Fugue From Lower Town" "Water To Wine". Perfect SEALED 85

EDWARDS HAND - Stranded (RCA 4452) 1970 SEALED 15

ELECTRIC EELS - Same (Gaffenburg) 1980 CA Private Dual Lead Hardrock , perfect SEALED 70

ELF - L.A./ 59 (MGM) 1974 Original US Press of great Hardrock with Ronnie James Dio a few years before joining Black Sabbath. Not easy to find anymore and this copy is still SEALED, cc 60

ENDLE ST. CLOUD - Thank you All Very Much (Intern. Artists LP 12) 1969 Guaranteed Orig. 1st Press of underrated TX Psych Rock SEALED 60

FAT - Footlose (Dream Merchant) 1976 Rare Private Press followup put out on their own Label after they were no longer able to secure a major Label deal due to a drug bust. Perfect SEALED 75

FERGUS - All The Right Noises (Can. Capitol 6370) 1971 Rare Canada only Capitol LP SEALED 25

FLASH - Same (Capitol) 1972 US Original housed in thick Gatefoldcover of classic UK Progressive Rock led by Peter Banks and Tony Kaye from YES. SEALED, Promo Hole 30

451 - Same (Intercan 1009) 1981 Excellent Canada private Press Hardrock AOR , perfect SEALED 15

JOHN FRED And HIS PLAYBOY BAND - Permanently Stated (Paula 2201) 1968 Gatefold Original of his scarce 5th LP more in a Psychedelic phase SEALED, coh 20

FREE ENTERPRIZE - Eye Of The Beholder (Private) 197? Rare Private Press Psych Folk Duo obscurity with excellent vocals and stark guitar. A bit in the vein of Millard & Dyce. Original Black & White Cover version as featured in the new 6001 Pokora book with 4 Balls. Perfect SEALED 225

FREEPORT - Same (Mainstream) 1969 Original late 60's Heavy Organ/Dual Guitar dominated Psych Rock. Has always been one of the obscurests and hardest to find releases on the great Mainstream Label. And this copy is perfect still SEALED 225

FRESH - Out Of Borstal (RCA 4328) Orig. SEALED, small sawcut 15

FURR - Same (Magna Glide) 1977 Obscure Private Hardrock / Glamrock produced by Kasenetz Katz! SEALED 20

GANDHARVA - Cosmic sounds Of - Energy (Private) 1977 Rare California Private Press trippy dark Psychedelic Folk with strong moody echoey vocals, Tablas, Guitar and freaky Violin. Perfect Original SEALED! 125

GANDHARVA - The Money Box (Private) 1978 Rarely seen 2nd LP of obscure trancey Folk Psych. Perfect SEALED 100

GAROLOU - Same (Can. London 9027) 1978 Scarce French Canadian Prog Rock , Gatefold SEALED 25

ARTHUR GEE - Same (Tumbleweed) 1971 Original of his killer 1st LP. Thick Gatefoldcover SEALED, tiny coh 35

ARTHUR GEE WHIZZ BAND - City Cowboy (Tumbleweed 107) 1972 Scarce Followup LP. SEALED, tiny coh 25

GLITTERHOUSE - Color Blind (Dynovoice) 1968 Brilliant Pop Psych LP with amazing title track "Tinkerbell's Mind" . Original silver foil cover, SEALED, coh 30

GOLD DUST - Same (Private) 1986 Ultra rare Buried MA Private Pressing Black Sabbath influenced Hardrock Power Trio with relentless Hard Riffing, Fuzz Bass and raw vocals. Killer LP from beginning to end that never lets up , no ballads - just massive thick power chords. Pictured in the new 6001 Pokora Book with 4 Balls. Only 300 copies pressed , this one is perfect SEALED 200

GOLDEN GATE - Year One (Audio Fidelity 6230) 1969 Very Rare 60's Soft Rock Pop Psych SEALED 30

GRAFFITI - Same (ABC) 1968 Original Thick Gatefoldcover 1st Pressing of excellent late 60's Psych Rock with strong Fuzz Guitar and effects. One of the best LP's on the Label along with Ill Wind. Beautiful copy with tiny pinhole, SEALED 100

GREEN LYTE SUNDAY - Same (RCA) 1970 Scarce Pop Psych SEALED, small sawcut 30

GRODECK WHIPPERJENNY - Same (People) 1970 Guaranteed Original 1st Pressing housed in thick textured Paste on cover of great Funky Psych Progressive Gem. Perfect SEALED copy 300

GROUND ZERO - Same (Private) 1979 Scarce late 70's Illinois Private Press Hardrock Power Pop , perfect SEALED 90

GROUP IMAGE - A Mouth In The Clouds (Community) 1968 Communal NY Hippie Psych Rock, perfect SEALED 30

GUITAR PICKS & ROACH CLIPS - (Private) 1973 Very Rare Private Pressing of excellent and super obscure 2 LP set featuring Alicia May, Bob Jameson, Gordon Alexander, Road Apples and a few others. Stoner Hippie Folk Psych with some Psychedelic jamming and even some spaced out narration. Supposedly a soundtrack to a super obscure early 70's animated feature about a hippie listening to the radio in his room while getting completely stoned allowing his "high" to dream up the images for the movie. Housed in very cool thick Gatefoldcover, only the second copy I ever came across and this one is still SEALED 150

GYPSY - The Goddess (Private) 1987 Very Rare Wisconsin Hendrix Inspired Power Trio Hardrock. Tiny Private Pressing, perfect SEALED 50

SEBASTIAN HARDIE - Four Moments (Mercury 1-1071) 1976 Australian progressive Rock SEALED 15

HARDIN/YORK - Tomorrow Today (Can. Bell 6043) 1969 SEALED 25

HEADS OF THE FAMILY - Play & Sing (Alshire 5166) 196? Obscure Exploitation Rock w. "Proud Mary" "Lodi" "Bad Moon Rising" and some cool originals. One of the rarer Alshire releases. SEALED 25

HEAVY CRUISER - Lucky Dog (Family) 1972 Original of hard to find Heavy Psych Hardrock with Neal Merryweather and members of Mama Lion. Perfect SEALED 80

HIDDEN STRENGTH - Same (United) 1975 Scarce Original Funk Rock SEALED, cc 30

HOG HEAVEN - Same (Roulette 42057) 1971 Perfect SEALED 15

CHARLIE HOWELL - Been Gone Too Long (Mark) 1975 Little known and excellent Xian Folk Psych with heavy use of Wah Wah Guitar and mild mannered vocals a bit in the Fenner, Leland & O'Brian vein. Issued on the same custom Label as the first AGAPE LP. 1975 (Mark Records). Perfect SEALED copy 140

HUBBELS - Same (Audio Fidelity) 1969 Extinct Male/Female Pop Psych Duo with the great "Hippy Dippy Funky Monkey Double Bubble Sitar Man". Perfect SEALED Promo copy 100

HUMAN BEINZ - Evolutions (Capitol 2926) 1968 Original Capitol Rainbow Label 1st Pressing of much rarer 2nd LP containing some killer Fuzz Psych tracks. Amazing copy with promo Hole top left, still SEALED 125

HUMBLE GATHERING - Same (Stang 1016) 1970 One of the rarest releases on the collectible Stang Label. Psychedelic Soul/Funk Rock housed in great cover. Not SEALED but unplayed warehouse stock so listed here, coh 45

ILLUSION - Same (Sinergia 7654) 1974 Rare Hawaii Soft Rock Folk Psych housed in amazing reverse negative Psychedelic cover, incredible perfect SEALED Original. 170

ILLUSION - Same (Steed 37003) 1969 Late 60's NY Heavy Psych Rock, SEALED, sawcut 20

JADE STONE & LUV - Mosaics, Pieces Of Stone (Jade) 1977 Original of truly unique 70's Dreamy westcoast backwoods Psych Duo. Perfect SEALED 250

THE JAGGERZ - We Went To Different Schools Together (Kamasutra 2017) 1970 Original SEALED 15

JAMME - Same (Dunhill 50072) 1970 Anglophile Soft Rock duo w. backing by Jim Gordon and Larry Knechtel SEALED 20

JANDEK - You Walk Alone (Corwood) 1988 Original Perfect SEALED 40

JANDEK - Somebody In The Snow (Corwood) 1990 Original Perfect SEALED 35

JANDEK - One Foot In The North (Corwood) 1991 Original perfect SEALED 35

JANE - Live/At Home (Germ. Brain) 1977 Original German Brain Press of this 2LP set and this copy is SEALED, small cc 25

JAUGERNAUT - Take Em' There (Private) 1983 Private Press AOR Hardrock , perfect SEALED 20

JAY & THE AMERICANS - Livin' Above Your Head (United 3534 MONO) 1966 Mono Original SEALED, 3 inch split on top 30

ROBERT JOHN - A Place To Live (Guinness 36047) 1977 aka. Bob Gallo who was also in charge of the rare "A new Place To Live" LP released on the Mandala Label in Canada in 1972. Some good dreamy Folk Rock tracks on this rare Tax scam release, SEALED , cc 30

RUBY JONES - Same (Curtom 8011) aka Ruby Starr , great Female Vocal Fronted Rock with excellent guitar and a great cover of "Stone Junkie" SEALED, sawcut 25

JOSHUA FOX - Same (Tetragrammaton) 1969 Scarce late 60's West Coast Psych Rock, rarely turns up and this copy is perfect SEALED 50

CASEY KELLY - Same (Elektra 75040) 1972 Excellent Folk Rock - Singer/Songwriter w. Jim Messina on Guitar, SEALED, cc 20

KENTAURUS - Same (Private) 1981 Original of rarely seen Wisconson Private Pressing Prog Hardrock Trio. Perfect SEALED 150

KIT KATS - It's Just A Matter Of Time (Jamie) 1966 Original MONO Pressing of obscure and rarely offered Garage Psych Pop, perfect SEALED 50

TERRY KNIGHT & THE PACK - Reflections (Cameo) 1967 Rare MONO Original 1st Pressing of pre Grand Funk Railroad Garage Psych. SEALED, coh 60

KOPPERFIELD - Tales Untold (Kopperdisc) 1974 Original of one of the best US Progressive Psychedelic Gems out of Michigan. Hard Driving Guitar, tortured Vocals and strong Organ Passages. Perfect SEALED 500

ALEX KUBETIN - 1st Reels (Private) 1980 Rarely offered Ohio Private Pressing Rural edged Electric Folk Rock with strong Lead Guitar and harmony vocals. Most tracks recorded in the mid 70's and one track has been comped on a Shadoks sampler! Perfect SEALED 40

ARTHUR LEE - Vindicator (A&M) 1972 Thick Gatefoldcover Original 1st Press of his Rare Solo LP. Great Heavy Psychedelic Guitar Rock, perfect SEALED 70

LIVE AT THE FUNNY FARM - Same (Scene) 1966 MONO Original of this very rare Hawaii Garage compilation on the tiny Scene Label with some killer tracks by the "Undertakers" " Val Richards Five" "Casuals" and "Spirits" . Perfect SEALED copy! 175

LODESTAR - Same (Private) 1975 Private Press Heavy Guitar Psych Hardrock out of Ohio in the vein of Totty with blistering Lead Guitar. Perfect copy SEALED 125

LOST AND FOUND - Same (International Artists #3) 1967 Guaranteed original 1st Pressing of Texas Psych Rock classic. Perfect SEALED 120

MADHOUSE - Serve' Em (Today) 1972 Very Rare Heavy Funk Psych Rock in the vein of Purple Image, beautiful Original Press SEALED 85

MADRIGAL - Same (SSS) 1969 Rarely seen Canadian Psych obscurity only released in the US on the small SSS Label. Perfect SEALED 40

MAINHORSE - Same (Imp 1001) 1971 Heavy Prog Rock w. Patrick Moraz SEALED, sawcut 20

MAJIC SHIP - Same (Bel-Ami) 1970 Original of Long Island, NY Guitar dominated Fuzz Psych Rarity. Been a very long time since a copy came my way and this one is amazingly still SEALED! Not many around in this shape... SEALED OFFERS!

MAJOR ARCANA - Same (A Major Label ) 1976 Midwest Folk Psych rarity housed in mindblowing Psychedelic cover. Perfect SEALED 300

MARSHMALLOW WAY - Same (United 6708) 1969 Bubble Gum Pop Psych supposedly related to Sainte Anthony's Fyre! SEALED 20

MATHIEU - Same (Can. Polydor 2424 032) 1972 Rare French Canadian Folk Psych prod. by Normand Bouchard , SEALED 40

MESSENGER - Same (Double Edge) 1982 Rare MA Private Hardrock AOR recorded in the same Studio as "Lazy Smoke" and housed in cool black and white cover. Perfect SEALED 50

LEE MICHAELS - Space & First Takes (A&M) 1972 Original, perfect SEALED 25

MISSOURI DIRT - It's For You (Ilmo) 1977 Private Wasted crude Southern Rock, perfect SEALED 60

MOBY GRAPE - Live Grape (Escape) 1978 Perfect SEALED 10

MONTAGE - Same (Laurie) 1969 Original of very rare Pop Psych led by Mike Brown from the "Left Banke" perfect SEALED 90

MOONLIGHT DRIVE - Same (Agora) 1981 Ohio Doors Tribute band with connections to Dragonwyck, SEALED 25

MOONQUAKE - Same (can. Gamma) 1972 Original od this scarce Canadian psych Rock LP, SEALED, coh 30

MORNING DEW - At Last (Roulette) 1970 Original of Kansas Major Label Psych classic. One of the best and hardest to find US Major Label LP's and this copy is simply perfect. Looks like it came straight out of the factory, perfect SEALED! OFFERS!

MORNING GLORY - Two Suns Worth (Fontana 67573) 1968 Excellent Male/Female trippy Psych engineered by John Cale, SEALED, coh through middle 35

MOUNTAIN - Avalanche (Windfall) 1974 US Original 1st Press SEALED 40

MUSIC MACHINE - Turn On.. (Original Sound) 1966 Original MONO Pressing of this Garage Punk classic. Beautiful still SEALED! 175

MYSTIC NUMBER NATIONAL BANK - Same (ABC Probe) 1969 Heavy Bluesy Psych Rock housed in weird Gimmix cover pre "Hoodoo Rhythm Devils" SEALED , tiny coh 45

NAOMI - Cottage Songs (Private) 1975 Original of amazing delicate Female Folk Psych Soft Rock masterpiece ouf of Prvo, Utah. Perfect SEALED 475

NAS TRI - Prva Ploca (Private MSR 101) 1979 Extremely buried and obscure US Private Pressing on the "Song Poem" MSR Label out of Los Angeles. Croation Trio that moved to America and released this LP in small quantity to get booked for gigs etc.. Great Mix of Punky Hardrock and Polka ballads. Perfect SEALED 25

NANETTE NATAL - ...The Beginning (Evolution) 1972 Original of this Folk Psych gem SEALED 35

NEW HAVEN - The Sun Can Play Tricks On Your Eyes (Jeree) 1975 Private M/F Vocal backwoods Rural Rock out of PA SEALED 45

NEW WINE - Holy Spirit Express (private) 1972 Amazing new discovery,Male/ Female vocal led Jesus Movement West coast Xian Psych from San Diego. Some crude heavy Fuzz guitar, Garagey production yet still melodic . Great version of "Spirit Of Elijah" . Unique and special LP issued in a few hundred copies and a complete mystery until recently... Perfect SEALED 100

NEWS - Hot Off The Press (Private) 1974 Great Connecticut Private Pressing covers the spectrum from blazing Southern Rock with killer lead guitar, trippy pedal steel - acid leads to dreamy rural psych vibes. Radio snippets , extended jams - effects. Highly Recommended LP from start to finish . Perfect SEALED 80

NINETEEN - Missing In Action ( Express) 1986 Rare Metal/AOR Private Pressing out of Illinois, perfect SEALED 25

1910 FRUITGUM CO. - Hard Ride (Buddah) 1969 One of their rarest and best LP's SEALED, coh 20

NOBILIS FACTUM - Same (mexico Pentagrama 020) 1982 Rare Mexican Progressive issued on a small Private Label, housed in great cover SEALED 40

NORTHERN - Lady Luck (Guinness 36060) 1977 Scarce Rock LP on famouse tax write off Label SEALED, cc 25

NUTZ - Hard Nutz (UK A&M 64623) 1977 UK Orig. of their 3rd LP - Great Hardrock with "Wallbanger" "Beast Of The field" "Sick and Tired" "Loser" and more.. Perfect SEALED 30

OLA & THE JANGLERS - Let's Dance/What A Way To Die (GNP Crescendo 2050) 1969 Scarce Swedish Pop Psych SEALED, coh 20

ORFEUS - Lying To The Wall (Lemco) 1973 Ultra Rare and nearly impossible to find local Kentucky Hardrock Progressive LP with a nice mix of Originals and covers and housed in superb fantasy art cover. Perfect SEALED 250

PAPA NEBO - Same (Atlantic 8280) 1971 Scarce LP produced by Alan Lorber SEALED 20

PARIS SISTERS - Golden Hits (Sidewalk) 1967 Original STEREO Pressing of Rare Soft Psych LP. Amazingly still SEALED, coh 125

BOB PATTERSON - Short Stories (Private) 1980 Rare Private Press Florida Mellow Folk Rock SSW LP post Elisabeth that released an excellent LP on Vanguard. Perfect SEALED 75

PATTERSON & PULTS - Grand Tetons (Private) 1977 Rare Original 1st LP . Dreamy Folk Psych Private. last copy!! SEALED 120

PEARL HANDLE BAND - Pearl Handle (Bryden) 1982 Very obscure recently discovered mid to late 70's sounding in your face Hardrock from beginning to end. Not a wimpy song on the entire LP. Released as a tax write off on the Nashville Bryden Label. Perfect SEALED 75

THE PIPE DREAM - Wanderers - Lovers (RCA 4221)1969 Underrated Male/Female Vocal Pop Psych SEALED 25

POKER FLATTS - Same (Private) 1977 Scarce Illinois Private Press Rural Hippie Rock a bit in the Grateful Dead vein. Perfect SEALED 75

POLESTAR 1 - Flying Through The Universe (Private) 1980 Rare Baltimore Private Press Dual Guitar Heavy progressive Spacerock with an early 70's sound and some really phenomenal Guitar passages. Really enjoy this record .Perfect SEALED 185

RISA POTTERS - Take Me Away (Buddah 5115) 1970 Excellent Female Folk Rock w. a great cover of Neil Young's "Birds" SEALED 20

PUBLIC FOOT THE ROMAN - Same (Capitol/ Sovereign) 1973 Original US Press of brilliant UK Dual lead Guitar / Keys Heavy Prog Rock. SEALED, Promo Hole 40

PURE LOVE & PLEASURE - A Record of (Dunhill 50076) 1969 Excellent underrated SF Hippie Rock w. M/F Vocals SEALED 20

RAINBOW - After The Storm (GNP Crescendo) 1968 Original of rarely seen Heavy Fuzz Psych Rock. Perfect SEALED 75

RANDOM ELEMENT - Same (Rocking Horse) 1977 Original of scarce NY Progressive Hardrock Trio with some Fuzz Guitar. Featured in the 4001 Pokora Book, perfect SEALED 150

RATIONALS - Same (Crewe) 1969 Original of excellent Michigan late 60's Psych Rock 45

RED CRAYOLA - Parable Of Arable Land (International Artists 2) 1968 Original MONO! 1st Pressing of legendary Texas Psychedelia. Perfect SEALED copy! 125

EMITT RHODES - Mirror (Dunhill 50111) 1971 Power Pop Rock 3rd LP SEALED, coh 15

EMIL RICHARDS - New Time Element (UNI 3003) 1967 Rare MONO Original SEALED, coh 25

RODRIGUEZ - Coming From Reality (Sussex) 1971 Original housed in Gimmix Cover , SEALED 40

ROBERT SAVAGE - The Adventures Of (Paramount) 1971 Hendrix inspired heavy Psych Rock. Highly underrated , perfect SEALED 50

SHEKINA GLORY - Have You Considered? (IGL) 1976 Ultra Rare Iowa Private Press Xian Psych Monster with Male/Female Vocals , ranging from dreamy Folk Psych to Hard Guitar Fuzz Jamming a la Earthen Vessel. Recorded in the same Studios as Shadrack Chameleon and virtually never offered for sale. This copy is perfect Sealed, most likely a one off chance to score a copy in this shape SEALED OFFERS!

SILVER METRE - Same (National General) 1970 Psych Rock with Leigh Stephens from Blue Cheer. Thick Gatefoldcover, small coh SEALED 30

SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET - Together After Five (Smash) 1968 Original SEALED, coh 40

SIR LORD BALTIMORE - Kingdom Come (Mercury) 1970 NY Heavy Psych Hardrock Monster and this copy is in amazing shape, tiny coh still SEALED 100

SKYWALKER - Made In Flight (Private) 1982 Excellent CA Private Press Heavy Guitar Hardrock Trio SEALED, cut corner 60

SLEEPY HOLLOW - Same (Family) 1972 Original of excellent Beatles inspired Psych released on the small Family Label. Perfect SEALED 65

SMOKE - Same (Sidewalk) 1968 Original of Los Angeles late 60's Pop Psych brilliance produced by Kim Flowley and Michael Lloyd. SEALED, coh 150

SMOKIN WILLIE - Same (Private) 1972 Rare Original of Loud Fuzz & Organ laden Heavy Biker Psych with howling vocals. Tiny Private Press out of Indiana of which most copies were destroyed in a local dump in the late 80's. This is one of a few surviving ones and is perfect SEALED OFFERS!

SOJOURNER - Wings Like An Eagle (Private) 1979 Scarce Private Press Xian Progressive Folk Rock SEALED 50

SOUL SURVIVORS - When The Whistle Blows (Crimson) MONO Original perfect SEALED 35

SPIRIT IN FLESH - Same (Can. Metromedia 1041) 1971 Scarce Communal Hippie Psych , perfect SEALED 35

SPREADEAGLE - The Piece Of Paper (Charisma 1055) 1972 UK Melodic Rock produced by Shel Talmy, perfect SEALED 15

PETER STARK - Mushroom Country (Private) 1976 Michigan Hippie Acid Folk Psych SEALED 80

STENCIL FOREST - Opening Act (Private) 1983 Original Private Press of impossibly Rare Indiana Progressive LP with strong Keys and blazing Guitar. Rarely ever seen for Sale and this copy is perfect SEALED 250

WILLIAM R. STRICKLAND - Is Only The Name (Deram 18031) 1969 Orig. US Press of UK Folk Psych SEALED 30

DANE STURGEON - Wild N' Tender (Private) 1969 Original Black Cover 1st Pressing of bizarre outsider Jangly Folk Rock Psych with occasional Fuzz and insane vocals. Perfect SEALED 120

SUNSET - Forgotten Kingdom (Tydal) 1986 Rare San Francisco Private Press Metal. Perfect SEALED 50

SUNSHINE - Here's Sunshine (Backbeat) 1970 Rare Houston, Texas Loner Folk Psych with strong vocals and some reverb guitar a bit in the Tim Buckley , Pat Kilroy vein. Released on the tiny Backbeat Label and highly recommended. Much better than many hyped up private pressings in the 4 figures. Perfect SEALED 125

SWEET TOOTHE - Testing (Dominion) 1974 Original of superb Virginia Private Press Guitar Psych SEALED 300

ALYN SYMS GROUP - The Offering (Private) 1981 Rare Upstate NY Private Press Hardrock housed in great mystical Thick Gatefoldcover. SEALED 90

TANGERINE - The Peeling Of (Private) 1971 Original Jamming Hardrock with strong Guitar work and Congas. Killer Sidelong track on Side 2. Perfect copy still SEALED 350

GARY TANIN - Love Changes All (Private) 1972 Obscure Private Press Melancholy Folk with gentle Piano backing SEALED 20

TAYLES - Who Are These Guys (Cinevista) 1972 Original Of excellent Wisconsin Hippie Blues Psych Jammer SEALED 80

TERENCE - An Eye For An Ear (Decca 75137) 1970 contains the great Psych track "Fool amid The Traffic" SEALED, coh 15

THEM - Same (Happy Tiger 1004) 1969 Perfect copy of their Rare 3rd LP without Van Morrison. Perfect SEALED 140

THIRD RAIL - ID Music (Epic 24327) 1967 Original 1st Press with Nuggets classic "Run Run Run" SEALED 50

THUNDERTRAIN - "Teenage Suicide" (Jelly) 1977 Legendary Boston Punk Hardrock SEALED 40

TIDE - Almost Live (Private) 1970 Obscure quirly Psych Rock private Press out of Kansas with some Bluesy and Jazzy interludes. Perfect SEALED 60

TIMOTHY CLOVER - The Cambridge Concept (Tower) 1968 Scarce 60's Pop Psych SEALED 30

TIN TIN - Same (Atco 33-350) 1970 produced by Maurice Gibb from the Bee Gee's SEALED, tiny sawcut 15

TITANIC - Macumba (Can. Columbia 90275) 1973 Funky Rock w. Heavy Drum Breaks SEALED, coh 25

TOAD HALL - Same (Liberty 7580) 1968 Obscure Psych Rock with some nice Fuzz leads SEALED 35

TROGGS - The Trogg Tapes (Private Stock 2008) 1976 Great LP! SEALED 20

TROUT - Same (MGM) 1968 Excellent Female Vocal NY Pop Psych obscurity SEALED 25

TRUTH & JANEY - No Rest For The Wicked (Montross) 1976 Iowa Private Press Hardrock Monster. For many the best LP in this genre. Perfect copy, still SEALED 500

US APPLE CORPS - Let The Music Take Your Mind (Plantation) 1976 Rare 2nd LP released on the tiny Plantation Label, Perfect SEALED 45

ROBERT VALENTE - No Hype (Private) 1979 Very Rare Private tortured Downer Folk. Oozing with pain and despair on pretty much every track ,this is really a highlight in this field . In the vein of Bob Desper, Gilligan etc.. Perfect SEALED 70

VATRENI POLJUBAC - Zivio Rock N' Roll (Jugoslavia RTL 0772) 1979 Killer former Yugoslavian full on Hardrock , Original 1st Press SEALED 30

LOS VIKINGS - Same (Dicesa 1022) 1969 Very Rare Original US Pressing of this Garage Psych LP from El Salvador! SEALED 125

WADSWORTH MANSION - Same (Can. Sussex) 1969 Original Canadian Press, Perfect SEALED 20

WARRIOR - For Europe Only (UK Private) 1983 Scarce UK NWOBHM Private , perfect SEALED 40

WENDY & BONNIE - Genesis (Skye) 1969 Dreamy Female Vocal Soft Psych Gem. Perfect SEALED copy with no Cutouts! SEALED 160

WHITE CHOCOLATE - Same (RCA) 1973 Underrated early 70's Rock obscurity, perfect SEALED 15

WHITE WITCH - Same (Capricorn) 1972 Highly underrated Florida Southern Hardrock with powerful vox and strange lyrics. Perfect SEALED 30

WICHITA FALL - Life Is But A Dream (Imperial 12417) 1969 Pepperish Pop Psych , thick Gatefold SEALED 20

WILLIE AND THE RED RUBBER BAND - We're Comin' Up (RCA 4193) 1969 Underrated Psych SEALED , tiny cc 20

MARK WINOKUR - God Fearin' Man (private) 1971 Obscure Private Press Homemade 2 Track Recording Introspective Folk with strum Guitar picking, bizarre vocals , downer moves and strong lyrics covering the spectrum from politics, drugs, sex , sacrilege and suicide. Very unique early 70's Private Pressing on Century Custom. Tracks include "I'm Dead" "Suicide" "Sheet" " 26 Years" and more.. Last copy Perfect SEALED 150

MARK WINOKUR - Jesus Christ Super Stoned (Private) 1973 Followup LP In a similar vein housed in nice homemade silkscreen cover and issued in a small run of 200 copies. In no way related to the musical or religion in general, this is early 70's druggy Hippie Folk / Singer Songwriter material with tracks like "The Trip" "Star Dust" "I'm Addicted" "Beat That Beast" "Wish You Were A Train". Perfect SEALED copy 50

WARREN WINTER'S BAND - Crossbar Hotel (Private) 1988 Obscure Oklahoma Private Press by one of the leaders of the "Bandidos" Biker Gang. Not your usual standara Boogie Rock, this is excellent mid 70's sounding Rock with a message , trippy passages, strong guitar and at time similarities to Circuit Rider. Highly Recommended LP that sounds nothing like the year of release SEALED 40

WOULD - Same (Perception) 1970 Very Rare alternative issue of the Velevet Night LP released on the Metromedia Label. This version is 10 times harder to find. SEALED 175

XIT - Relocation (Canyon 7121) 1977 SEALED 40

XXX - Live - First legal Bootleg Album (Private) 1973 Drug Damaged Trashy Basement Psych Rock, Perfect SEALED 85

ALEXANDRE ZELKINE - Pessimiste (Can. United) 1973 Gatefoldcover Original of scarce Quebec Folky Progressive with Richard Seguin helping out SEALED, sawcut 25

ANDY ZWERLING - Spiders In The Night (Kamasutra 2036) 1971 Excellent Psychy Folk Rock produced by Lenny Kaye! SEALED, coh 25