The following LP's are mainly 80's and 90's Psychedelia aswell as some choice Reissues, the majority out of print and in most cases there will only be 1 copy of each title available.



100 Euro = 130 US Dollars or Current daily Exchange rate(For US And Canadian Orders only)


3/3 - Same (Shadoks) Instantly sold out limited Shadoks Reissue of possibly the rarest Japanese Heavy Guitar Underground Psych blaster originally issued in a tiny edition of 15 copies! Pre Friction. This is the limited Black Vinyl edition SEALED 40

PAUL ADOLPHUS - The Dawn Wind (Shadoks) Brand New High Quality Shadoks Reissue of this Ultra Rare Japanese Private Press Folk Psych LP by Australian Paul Adolphus from 1973. Ultra thick exact lavish Gatefoldcover reproduction and limited to 350 numbered copies. SEALED 38

AINIGMA - Diluviumk (Germany Little Wing) Long out of print limited High Quality Reissue on Little Wing, housed in thick Gatefoldcover, custom Innersleeve and includes an unreleased Bonus track and a nice Sticker. Great package M-/M- 50

ALLISON - People From Outer Space (Greece Missing Vinyl) 2009 Exceptional Greek Heavy Neo Psychedelia Spacerock formed by Purple Overdose members with the addition of Female vocals. Deluxe 180g Pressing in a handnumbered limited edition of 500 copies complete with Insert. This copy #49 M-/M- in shrink 25

AMANAZ - Africa (Shadoks) Brand New Shadoks Reissue of Ultra rare 1975 African Heavy Fuzz Psych from Zambia. Along with "Witch" the best Heavy Psych Rock LP from Africa. Limited to 450 numbered copies NEW M-/M- In shrink 40

ANALOGY - Same (Akarma) 2000 Long Sold out and Rare now Akarma Reissue from 10 years ago of impossible to find Monster rarity. Amazing Package housed in most massive thick gatefoldcover that weighs a ton. Includes the OBI like Analogy Strip and the also very rare Picture Sleeve Single by Yoice. M-/M- 85

ANT TRIP CEREMONY - 24 Hours (Uk Psychedelic Archive) 1995 Long out of print UK Reissue housed in massive thick cover of Ultra Rare US Private Press Psychedelia. M-/M- 60

B.F. TRIKE - Same (Rockadelic) 1988 Ancient and out of print Rockadelic release limited to 300 copies. Great 1971 Heavy Guitar Psych recorded in 1971 but never released at the time. The 1st ever Rockadelic release and the rarest. This copy #267/300 and comes with Insert M-/M- 250

BAD AXE - Same (Hexamon 002) 2004 Already sold out limited handnumbered edition of 500 copies Reissue of this killer 1 known copy California Shredding Hardrock Private from 1976 in the vein of Black Sabbath, Deep purple. Comes complete with giant Poster and Insert , New 30

BAKERY - Momento (Germ. Mayfair) Brand new limited to 500 copies with Insert High quality 2 LP set German Reissue with 3 Bonus tracks of their non LP's singles. Highly recomended Australian Progressive gem finally getting It's well deserved Reissue. NEW 25

BEATLES - Love (Parlophone/Apple) Lavish 2 LP Set with Booklet supposedly limited to 5000 copies. Featuring 26 tracks Re-worked by George & Giles Martin. Perfect SEALED 40

BEVIS FROND - Inner Marshland (UK Woronzow) 1987 Rare UK 1st Pressing M-/M- with Insert 30

BEVIS FROND - New River Head (UK Woronzow) 1991 Rare 2 LP Set With Insert M-/M-/M- 30

BIG BOY PETE - Homage To Catatonia (UK Tenth Planet) 1996 Limited Pressing of unreleased 60's UK Pop Psychedelia. Thick Gatefoldcover with extensive liner notes M-/M- 25

BLESSED END - Movin' On (TNS) Old European Reissue M-/M- 20

BLISS - Return To Bliss (Void) Unreleased 2nd LP from early 70's AZ Heavy Psych Power Trio with Cream sounding Guitar assaults M-/M- 20

BLUES ADDICTS - Same (Shadoks) Brand New limited to 450 numbered copies Shadoks Reissue of Ultra Rare 1970 Danish Heavy Bluesy Guitar Fuzz Psych mayhem. Ripping dirty Leads and snotty vocals , one of the best LP's originally issued on the great Spectator Label. NEW 40

BRIGADE - Last Laugh (Del Val) 1991 Limited Reissue of $2000 US Garage Psych LP with Insert M-/M- 30

BRUSH - Same (Shadoks Music) Sold Out Shadoks Reissue of this Japanese pre Flied Egg Underground Psychedelic/Progressive rarity on Blue Vinyl with massive 24 Page booklet. 450 numbered copies, New 75

THE BURNIN RAIN - Pictures In The Fire (Rockadelic) Perfect copy of this long out of print heavy Fuzz drenched Roackadelic LP SEALED 30

C.A. QUINTET - Trip Thru Hell (Sundazed) Fantastic sounding 2 LP set Reissue with tons of Bonus tracks and singles housed in nice Gatefoldcover M-/M- 25

NICK CASTRO & POISON TREE - Further From Grace (Eclipse) 2005 Out of print 2nd LP , nicely autographed on the back cover M-/M- 35

NICK CASTRO & THE YOUNG ELDERS - Come Into Our House (Daffodelic) 2006 Limited super Deluxe 2LP Set with Bonus 7" housed in extremely thick Gatefoldcover. Highly recommended Middle Eastern Psychedelic Folk Rock to Acid Raga. This copy is nicely autographed by Nick Castro on Inside of Gatefoldcover M-/M- 50

C1C2 - Same (Germany Shadoks) Great Reissue of 1 known copy Testpressing of LA heavy Psych Rock from around 1970. Extra thick leather cover with engraved artwork. Very limited edition of 350 copies. Perfect SEALED 45

CARDBOARD VILLAGE - Sea Change (Void) Brand New Reissue of Rare Male/Female Vocal Folk psych from the early 70's. M-/M- with Insert 20

EUGENE CARNAN - Same (Shadoks) 500 numbered, heavy sleeve, 180 gram pressing, with 1 page insert. Unknown UK album with such a great musical potential. Musically it is very powerful guitar dominated underground rock such as Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Dark or Grannie. The rarity factor is way above all those other rare UK albums, which stay in low pressings of 99 copies and 15-20 such as Dark. This one has been pressed only 4 times ever. In September 1971 Eugene Carnan entered a UK-wide competition for 'Best New Band' run by the famous Melody Maker magazine, they recorded the album in 1972 and took it to London to Eden Studios for a demo pressing and cut 4 acetates. Eugene Carnan a 3 piece band are from Sheffield, UK with guitar & vocals, bass and drums. All own composition. A killer album from beginning to end." M-/M- 40

CHANGES - Various Artists (Europe Magistral Records) 1980 Very Rare and Killer Psych compilation from 1980 issued right after "Acid Dreams" in a tiny edition of 230 copies!! Includes tracks by Calico Wall, Stillroven, CA Quintet, Bedlam Four, Danny's REason and more.. Perfect copy M-/M- 80

CHARLATANS - Alabama Bound (France Eva 12017) 1983 Long out of print French release of unreleased tracks from 1966 by these San Francisco legends. M-/M- 20

C.O.B. - Moyshe McStiff And The Tartan Lancers Of The Sacred Heart(Private) 198? Great sounding ancient and long out of print European Reissue of this UK Folk masterpiece. M-/M- 20

JOHN AND PHILIPA COOPER - Cooperville Times (Shadoks) Amazing Reissue of spooky Psychedelic Folk Pop psych masterpiece out of Johannesburg, South Africa originally released in 1969 by this brother/sister Duo with Julian Laxton helping out on Electric Guitar. Very UK sounding in the vein of Mellow Candle / Ithaca. Great LP limited to 500 numbered copies including Insert. This one is #353/500 M-/M- 40

CREEF - Good Herbs (Canada Private) 1988 Killer Private Press Canadian Neo Psych with a 70's sound on tracks like "LSD Rain" " Amanita Muscaria" " As The Crow Flies" The Took" and more.. M-/M- in shrink 35

D.R. HOOKER - The Truth (Subliminal Sounds) Nicely done Reissue of essential US Psychedelia with Insert M-/M- 20

DAMON - Song Of A Gypsy (Belgium Fanny) Instantly sold out single cover Reissue of the above issued in a limited edition of 400 copies, this one being #18 M-/M- 30

DEDIKATION - Same (Breeder) European Reissue of scarce 1969 Psych from New Zealand with some strong Fuzz and phasing M-/M- 20

DEVIL'S KITCHEN - Same (Lysergic Sound) "The first ever release by Devil's Kitchen, perhaps the best of the greatly talented but 'forgotten' bands from the legendary San Francisco psychedelic scene of the late 1960s. Devil's Kitchen played all the major venues in the Bay Area and Los Angeles during this time period, opening for and playing frequently with many very well-known bands, including The Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead, Santana, Quicksilver Messenger Service, The Allman Brothers, Big Brother And The Holding Company with Janis, The Charlatans and many, many others. The band spurned a recording contract offer from Mercury Records in 1968, displeased with the lack of creative control offered them by the label. Consequently, they never released any recordings. There are eight original unreleased tracks on this album and all were taken from the original master tapes that were recorded in 1969 at the Family Dog Ballroom On The Great Highway in San Francisco and the Sierra Sound Recording Studio in Berkeley. The music has a great and unmistakable late 60s acid-drenched West Coast guitar-driven blues-psych sound with snaky electric slide and roaring fuzz guitar throughout. The discovery of these master tapes and this subsequent release of Devil's Kitchen's first full length album, more than forty years after the recordings were made, is an exciting find for the collectors of obscure 60's psychedelia. How a great band like this remained under the radar and unreleased for all these years is mystifying. Limited pressing of 1000 hand-numbered copies. Includes a reproduction of Family Dog handbill from March, 1970, featuring Big Brother & The Holding Company, Kaleidoscope and Devil's Kitchen. Welcome again to the great San Francisco sound of the late 1960s." New 25

NICK DRAKE - Bryter Layter (UK Island) 19? Exact Pink Rim Island UK Later Pressing EX+/M- 30

DUESENBERG - Same (Hexamon 003) Highly Recommended Japanese 1977 Shredding Hardrock with violent Lead Guitar that was scheduled for a release on Warner Brothers. Complete with OBI, Insert and Poster. New, very limited to 50 copies White Vinyl 25

DYCKMAN-JAMES - Independent Study (Shadoks) Superb Shadoks Reissue of Ultra Rare Connecticut 1968 Underground Frolk Rock Psychedelia with some insane backwards guitar and vocals, Flutes and crazed lyrics. Very unique , Hip sound that grows with every listen. Thick Heavy Sleeve, 180 gram Vinyl and limited to 500 numbered copies, this one being #160/500 M-/M- 38

ELECTRIC BANANA - The Sixties (UK Butt Records) Pretty Things in disguise made for DeWolf Productions. Some killer Heavy tracks on here. EX+/M- 35

ELECTRIC HOLYLAND - Same (Lysergic Sound) Great compilation filled with 12 Fuzz Drenched cuts from the Xian Jesus Rock movement of the early 70's featuring Earthen Vessel, Shekina Glory, The Ark, First Revelation and many others. Great LP limited to 500 copies M-/M- 25

ELECTRIC PRUNES - I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night (Japan Reprise) 198? High Quality Japanese Pressing on 3 Color Reprise Label with Insert, perfect M-/M- 25

ELECTRIC PRUNES - Stockholm 67 (UK Heartbeat) 1997 Amazing Deluxe UK Pressing contaning tracks from their Live Concert in Stockholm recorded by the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation. Highly Recommended LP! Thick Gatefoldcover , 200 Gram Vinyl , Insert and massive Book with great photographs are all in M- condition 60

ESTRELLA DE MARZO - A Los Ninos Con Amor (Shadoks) Brand New Shadoks Reissue of incredible Bolivian Underground Psychedelic/Progressive Gem originally released in 1974 with strong Fuzz Guitar and good vocals. As always high quality job from Shadoks, limited to 500 numbered copies complete with Insert. This copy #21/500 M-/M- in shrink 38

FANTASY - Paint A Picture (Korea Si-Wan) 1994 High Quality Korean Gatefoldcover Reissue with Insert M-/M- 30

JW FARQUHAR - The Formal Female (Shadoks Music) High Quality Shadoks Reissue of Ultra rare 1972 Philadelphia fringe Art Psych concept LP based around a lambasting of females as a result from the fallout of a terminated marriage due to their materialistic nature. Very unique sound with tons of effects, Fuzz Guitar and basement loner jams. Highly recommended for those who like to dwelve into the unusual and slightly schizophrenic. 450 numbered copies, 180 gram vinyl and sure to sell out fast SEALED 35

FIFTY FOOT HOSE - Ingredients (US Del Val 010) 1997 Great LP of unreleased material from 1966/67 predating their "Cauldron" release. Includes the rare single released as The Ethix. "Bad Trip" "Low Down Nasty" "Fly Free" "War" "Desire. M-/M- Loose front/back paste on slicks 25

FINAL SOLUTION - Same (Shadoks) First Reissue of this Ultra Rare mysterious 1967 US/Puerto Rico Garage LP of which only one Original has turned up over the years. The usual High Quality Job from Shadoks and issued in a limited edition of 400 copies. SEALED 40

PETE FINE - Northstar (Shadoks Music 056) Limited edition of 350 numbered copies and yet another excellent Shadoks release featuring the second unreleased LP by guitar Wizard Pete Fine recorded 2 years after his debut " On A Day Of Crystalline Thought". Strong guitar , great musicianship and an open Male/Female vocal West Coast feel. New 35

FINJARN -JENSEN - Same (Shadoks) Very limited and almost sold Out Shadoks Reissue Of excellent and Ultra Rare in It's original format Norwegian Psychedelia from 1970. A Bit in the vein of July, Open Mind w. Freddy Lindqvist on Guitar! NEW 40

LES FLEUR DE LYS - Same (UK Private) Limited Gatefoldcover 17 track Reissue of legendary UK 60's Freakbeat Psych band featuring Gordon Haskell. M-/M- 30

FREED - Same (Denmark Orpheus) Nice Reissue of unreleased 1970 Danish Psych LP complete with 20 Page booklet M-/M- 20

GHOST - When You're Dead - One Second (Spain Wah Wah) LImited High Quality Reissue of much in demand UK Psychedelia M-/M- 25

GLIMPSES - Vol. 3 (Wellington) 1983 very rare limited to 500 numbered copies Garage Psych comp. including "The Hunger" "The Primates" "The Accent" "Book of Changes" and many more.. This copy #405/ 500 M-/M- 50

LES GOTHS - Reve De Silence (Shadoks) Brand New Shadoks release of incredible previously unissued French Heavy Power Trio Psych Rock from 1968. Definitely some of the best heavy Psychedelia to ever come out of France. Fuzz and Wah Wah Tour de Force. Limited to 500 numbered copies, this one being #333/500 complete with double sided Insert M-/M- 40

HEITKOTTER - Stephen David Heitkotter (Time Lag) Limited to 1000 copies Reissue of 1971 Intense Nighmarish Real people Bluesy Psych jams. New copy with informative Insert 30

STAN HUBBS - Crystal (Companion) 2010 Limited to 500 copies Reissue of insane Rural small town California Stoner Psych Rock obscurity originally released in 1982. One of the biggest discoveries of the past years with less than a handful of originals known to exist. Faithfully reproduced complete with 16 page Booklet / New 30

INDESCRIBABLY DELICIOUS - Same (Fanny) 1994 Limited to 500 copies long out of print Belgian Reissue of this Ultra Rare Test Pressing only release from 1969 M-/EX 25

INSTANT ORANGE - Same (Germ. Shadoks) Brand New limited to 450 numbered copies Double LP housed in massive thick glossy Gatefold cover with Insert. Besides home to the Hells Angels, farmers and citrus grooves, San Bernardino, California was also where Instant Orange lived and released their first single in 1968. The band forged ahead and released another single (1973), album (1973) and two ten inch eps (1974 & 1975). All of their releases were small pressings of 100 copies and to this day, Instant Orange remains virtually unknown. Their homemade sound is a refreshing reflection of their west coast folk-rock influences that were so prevalent during the sixties and early seventies. All original tracks with inspiration from bands like the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Love, Sandy Bull and others. Songs full of electric and acoustic guitars with nice doses of McGuinnesque 12 string riffing as well as many unsuspecting surprises (antiquated electronic effects, rambling rural explorations, long jams, experimental moves, stoner banter and other weirdness between songs, caveman fuzz, etc). A solid listen with enough original imagination to keep it interesting without the band creating an identity crisis by trying too hard to be something else than themselves. Here it all on this limited double album, but grab it before it becomes elusive like some of San Bernardino's motorcycle riding inhabitants. SEALED 45

IOTA - Same (Rockadelic 46) 2002 Killer El Paso, Texas dark heavy Psych Rock LP. "Precincts" "R.I.P." "Bottle baby" "Glympses" "Love Come Wicked" M-/M- includes 2 Inserts 30 or limited to 50 copies White Vinyl press, no Inserts 40

IVEYS - Maybe Tommorow (EMF) 198? Long out of print early 80's Reissue M-/EX In shrink 30

J. BONE CRO - Late Nite Songs (Rockadelic/Wombtunes) 1996 Long out of print 2nd LP released in conjunction with the Rockadelic Label of damaged Bluesy Psych Rock. Handmade Sparypainted cover with Insert M-/M- 30

JOSHUA - Opens Your Mind (Rockadelic 50) 2004 Newest Rockadelic release, heavy Blues based drugged out dual lead Westcoast Psych Rock in the Blue Cheer, Quicksilver vein. Very limited (50 copies) on coloured splatter vinyl M-/M- 40

KALEIDOSCOPE - Same (Mexico La Ciruela) 2000 Limited and sold out legitimate Purple Vinyl Reissue of this Mexican Acid Psych Monster. M-/M- 25

KING GEORGE DISCOVERY - Peace Of Mind (Shadoks) Limited to 500 numbered copies previously unissued 1968 Recordings of amazing Hendrix Inspired Heavy Guitar psychedelia. Usual amazing high quality packaging by Shadoks, 180 Gram Vinyl with Insert. This copy #391/500 M-/M- 40

GEORGIE LEONARD - One Man Band (American Sound) 199? Limited to 500 copies Reissue of this rare 1971 Hippie Folk Rock LP with Jaco Pastorius helping put. This copy is #481/500 SEALED 20

LES TEMPS HEUREUX - .. En Ces Jours (Shadoks Music) Brand new limited to 450 numbered copies Reissue of Ultra Rare French Test Pressing only Acid Folk gem from 1972 . Heavy textured cover with gold engraving and 180 gram Vinyl SEALED 35

LIGHTNING - The Lost Studio Album (American Sound) 199? Previously unreleased tracks by this post "Litter" MN Heavy Psych Rock band with Zip Caplan on Guitar. Numbered limted edition of 1000 copies M-/M- unplayed 20

LIVERPOOL -Por Favor, Sucesso (Germ. Shadoks) 'Liverpool is one of our favorite bands from Brazil. The LP Por Favor, Sucesso ('Please, Success') comes together with the ultra-rare 7 inch EP Marcelo Zona Sul, a Brazilian movie from 1970 (you can watch a film-clip on Youtube). This flower power art rock album stands out among the other Brazilian psych albums. It is as good as Modulo 1000 but with better composed songs, influenced by the British Underground, with great guitars, Hammond, effects, complex compositions, uplifting vocals with lots of soul, Allman Brothers style wailing guitars, wah-wah, sometimes sweet and mellow, sometimes extra heavy psychedelic -- all with a great touch of Brazilian music. Perhaps one of the best albums from South America. All original tracks -- 19 in total (including the 6 EP tracks). Enjoy this one.' Limited to 450 Copies including 7" EP SEALED 35

LOVE DEPRESSION - Same (Shadoks Music) Over the Top Venezuela Heavy Fuzz Psych , Long sold out limited edition of 450 numbered copies, SEALED 50

LOVE,PEACE & POETRY - African psychedelic Music (Germany Normal) Volume 8 of this excellent series featuring Suck, McCully Workshop, Freedom's Children, Abstract Truth, Otis Waygood, Third Eye and obscurer acts from Zambia , Kenya and Nigeria such as BLO, Rikki Illilonga, Chrissy Zebby Tempo and more.. Gatefold M-/M- 15

MARCONI NOTARO - No Sub Reino Dos Metazoarios (Time-Lag) First Ever Reissue of brilliant Brazilian Psychedelia with Lula Cortez and Ze Ramalho originally released independently in 1973 and virtually impossible to find. Ranging from Tropicalia, lysergic jungle Psych , trancey ragas to Fuzz and wah wah soaked Garage Psych. Exact Heavyweight laminated Gatefoldcover with extensive liner notes by Lula Cortez, full color 4 page Insert aswell as Marconi's last poem written a day before his death in 2000. Limited to 1000 copies and almost sold out. Great package New 25

MENDELBAUM - Same (Shadoks Music 034) Previously unreleased late 60's SF Guitar psych led by Chris Michie who later joined Van Morrison. Extra heavy 2 LP set, limited to 450 copies and Sold Out! New 40

MERRY AIRBRAKES - Same (Shadoks Music) Limited edition of 450 copies rerelease of this excellent post Vietnam stoned Bluesy psych LP led by Bill Homans. Beautiful engraved front cover artwork SEALED. Last Copy!! 45

MICHAELANGELO - Same (Void) Limited Legitimate Reissue housed in nice glossy cover of his rare Private Press LP originally released on the Guinn Label M-/M- 25

MIDNIGHT - Into The Night (Private) Exact Reissue of Rare Chicago private Press Garage Hardrock from the mid 70's with some "Doors" influence. SEALED 20

MOPS - Psychedelic Sounds (Europe Synton) Limited Reissue of this Japanese late 60's Garage Psych behemoth M-/M- 15

MORNING AFTER - Blue Blood (Shadoks Music) Brand new Shadoks Reissue of 1971 UK Demo only raw underground Bluesy heavy Guitar Rock with a Progressive touch , snotty vocals and plenty of Wah wah Guitar. As always only 450 numbered copies made , glossy heavy cover and 180 gram vinyl SEALED 35

MOTIFFE - Same (Germ. Shadoks) LP 450 numbered/heavy sleeve/180 gram pressing. "Located in St. Albans, 20 minutes away from London, Motiffe recorded this album in a home situation with no overdubs. A full blown progressive band with songs and techniques that reminds a lot of bands such as IF, Gracious and Gravy Train. Great keyboards, fuzz guitar which turns the music into something Mothers of Invention-like plus flute & sax, real complex songs and very little vocal. These guys can play for sure and they are instrumentalists. Originally released in 1972 on the famous Deroy label. Supposedly only two known copies of this baby exist SEALED 35

MOURNING PHASE - Same (Shadoks 66) Limited to 350 copies high Quality Reissue of this Ultra rare UK Demo Only Dreamy folk Psych release originally from 1971! SEALED 38

MOUSE And THE TRAPS - Public Execution (Eva) Killer Texas 60's Punk Psych M-/M- 25

MOVING SIDEWALKS - 99Th Floor (France Eva 12002) 1982 Ancient Eva Reissue of the complete Tantara LP + Bonus 45 tracks. M-/M- 30

MYSTIC TIDE - It Comes Now (Distortions) 1991 Long out of print and hard to find now M-/M- In shrink 50 or SEALED 60

P.G. SIX - Parlor Tricks And Porch Favorites (Perhaps Transparent) 2001 Very rare long out of print limited Vinyl edition of their great Debut LP. Beautiful Pastoral Acid Wyrd Folk Psych post Tower Recordings. Perfect SEALED 60

PAINTED FACES - Anxious Colour (Distortions) 1994 Killer Florida 60's Garage Psych with Monster Title Track M-/M- with Insert 20

PEACEPIPE - John Uzonyi's (Shadoks) Brand New Shadoks release of legendary late 60's California Heavy Guitar Psych Monster. Previously released on the great Rockadelic Label and long sold out this includes all the tracks ever recoded by the band including both tracks from the rare 45. Mandatory Heavy Psychedelia for fans of "Fraction" ' Dragonfly" . Limited to 500 numbered copies. Perfect SEALED 40

PILGRIMS - Spooky Time (Shadoks) Brand New Limited to 450 numbered copies Shadoks Reissue of this Ultra Rare 1972 Japanese Underground Psych gem in the Procol Harum vein with english vocals. SEALED 35

PLEAZERS - Definitely (Thorns) Limited out of print European Reissue of this Ultra Rare 1966 NZ Garage Beat rarity EX/M- 15

POWDER - Biff! Bang! (Distortions) 1993 Rare out of print now limited release of fantastic late 60's Creation and Small Faces influenced Northern California Mod Power Pop band. M-/M- in shrink 25

RAYNE - Same (Ger. Shadoks Music) Brand new limited to 450 numbered copies legit Reissue of Ultra Rare private Press New Orleans Psych Rock. SEALED 35

RUBBER MEMORY - Welcome (Loopden) 2001 Out of print exact Reissue with Inserts of Ultra rare 1970 New Orleans Garage Psych New 30

SACROS - Same (Shadoks Music) High quality Shadoks Reissue of this Chilean Rock rarity from 1973 inspired by the spiritual passion and veneration for the great gods of South America with a great sounding Psychedelic folkrock vibe in the vein of BLOPS and LOS JAIVAS. Most original copies were destroyed by the military regime at the time so this Reissue limited to 450 numbered copies is highly welcome. SEALED 35

SAVAGES - Black Scorpio (Germ. Shadoks) Brand New limited to 450 Copies Reissue of Ultra Rare 1973 Indian Psych Rock Monster. Heavy fuzz-guitar, organ, tough vocals, driving beats, wailing guitars -- Doorsy feeling all over. Some original songs and lots of good cover versions in an Indian underground style. The original album came out with a die-cut gimmick cover, so this reissue has the same gimmick sleeve.' Perfect SEALED 35

SCORPION - Same (Breeder) European Reissue of this Heavy Psych LP in the vein of Black Merda and originally issued on the Tower Label EX/M- 15

SECRET SYDE - Hidden Secrets (US Mutha 007) 1983 Rare Original 1st Press on the Mutha Label of killer Neo Psych EX+/M- 60

SEVENS - Same (Feathered Apple) 2005 Official Reissue of thew rarest and best Swiss Garage Beat LP. Contains a Large Bonus Poster M-/M- 25

LOS SHAIN'S - Segundo Volumen (Lazarus) Limited Reissue of their second LP from around 1967 EX/M- 20

LOS SHAIN'S - Docena 3 (Lazarus) Limited Reissue of late 60's Peruvian Psych Rock New 20

SHARK MOVE - Chede Chokra's (Germ. Shadoks) Brand new limited to 450 numbered copies Reissue of this Ultra rare and previously unknown Indonesian Prog Psych gem. Shark Move have that classic slow sunrise sound of countless South American titans mixed with the kind of sunburst vocal style that floats the best of the UK freakbeat sides (Jason Crest et al), crunching fuzz, heavy keyboards and kaleidoscopic song stylings. This is ambitious, florid psych that should please anyone who digs the more dramatic UK sugarcube moments as much as the enjoyably complex Euro Prog sounds. SEALED 35

SPIRAL SKY - Same (UK Acme) UK Folk Psych with Female Vocals, Sitar, Tablas, Tamboura.. With members from Sun Dial. Limited numbered edition of 500 copies. This one #476/500 EX+/M- with Insert 25

STACK - Above All (Void) 1997 Our oif print legit Reissue of Ultra Rare CA Heavy Bluesy Guitar psych M-/M- 20

MICK STEVENS - Lady Sunrise (Germ. Shadoks Music) LP 450 numbered/heavy sleeve/180 gram pressing/insert. "Shortly after Mick's first album See The Morning, while waiting for the Deroy pressings, he started working on Lady Sunrise. The songs on this concept album were created during a particularly turbulent emotional period. We think most of these songs are some of his best, and as usual, the lyrics were written with his own blood -- both metaphorically and in reality. Mick composed all songs and played all instruments, so this album was recorded sound on sound. Twelve great songs, bittersweet and very touching. Just perfect, as we would expect from Mick Stevens' music. SEALED 35

STRANGE - Souvenir Album (Germ. Shadoks) Brand new limited to 450 numbered copies Reissue of Ultra Rare Olympia, WA Psych Art Rock. The Strange are Tom Hackett, Robert Rensel, David Chamberlain, Rick Rackleff plus Mike Pitcher, Don Morris & Carl Dexter. This art-rock-underground band recorded the Souvenir Album over a period of several years released in a tiny pressing in 1976 on the Yantis Record label. With a touch of westcoast music and lots of Mothers of Invention influences, this album is really something special. As special as The Spoils Of War and as complex as Time and Think Dog, with Frank Zappa style wah-wah guitar, great vocals, piano, effects, some horns, and a well-balanced mixture of heavy psych guitar tracks and twisted underground folk tunes. If you think the first Spoils Of War album on Shadoks is a great album and the early Mothers albums are the ones you always kept you will be very very happy with this album. Perfect SEALED 35

SUN RA - Live In Paris At The "Gibus" (Italy Universe)Great Live recording from 1973. Thick Gatefoldcover Sealed 15

SUN DIAL - Return Journey (UK Acme 8001) 1994 Original UK Acme release of Heavy crunching treated Retro Psychedelia. Numbered copy with wraparound sleeve, SEALED 40

TA PAICHNIDIA TOU ILIOU - Tricks Of The Sun (Greece private) 2007 70's sound & chaotic spirit in an absolute utopian album. Great crystal sound, with many space folk themes, trippy flutes, majestic female vocals, dreamy childs voice, native instruments & sounds, heavy dope psych melodies & more...Fantastic artwork with double-page velvet insert. Private issue in only 300 numbered copies and long sold out. Highly recommended LP and sure to be a future price riser. Unplayed copy with small crease top left EX+/M- 50

TARKUS - Same (Lazarus) Legitimate Limited exact Gatefoldcover Reissue from mastertapes! , New 25

TERJE, JESPER OG JOACHIM - Same (Germ. Shadoks) Brand New Limited to 450 numbered copies High quality legit reissue of this Ultra rare 1970 Danish Heavy Guitar Psych LP originally released on the Spectator Label and now virtually impossible to find. Comes complete with Insert including Band Bio and photos. SEALED 35

THINGS TO COME - I Want Out (Sundazed) Excellent Reissue of $3000 US Garage Psych Monster in the Chocolate Watchband vein from the late 60's. M-/M- Blue Wax edition 15

THINK DOG - Dog Days (Germany Shadoks) Very limited post "TIME" NY unissued late 60's Psychedelia with freaky moves, Fuzz and Bluesy excursions. Comes complete with Insert, Band history and lyrics. Limited to 350 copies, SEALED 35

TRAFFIC SOUND - Virgin (Lazarus) Thick Gatefoldcover high Quality reissue of this essential Peruvian Psych LP M-/M- 30

TWENTY SIXTY SIX AND THEN - Reflections On The Future (Second Battle 068) 2008 Massive 2LP set Reissue containing their Original 1971 LP on United aswell as some Rare Outtakes and Live Recordings from 1971 on the second LP. Also comes with very nice Thick Booklet - Amazing High quality package limited to 900 copies and long sold out. M-/M-/M- 85

UGANDA - Same (Shadoks) High Quality and already Sold out Shadoks release and first ever Reissue of this unknown and highly impressive Japanese Private Press Psych LP originally recorded in 1972. Strong Fuzz Guitar by Kimio Mizutani along with wild African tribal backing making for a very unique sound. Limited edition of 400 copies with Insert SEALED 60

UGLY DUCKLINGS - Same (Canada Yorktown) 1982 Scarce Canadian LP reissuing the best tracks from their "Somewhere Outside" LP aswell as some unreleased tracks and a great unreleased version of "Gaslight" M-/M- in shrink 25

THE VOLARES - The Night We Taught Ourselves To Sing (Rockadelic 30) 1998 Dallas based Psych band sounding like an acoustic version of Led Zeppelin in the midlde Eastern Desert and is entirely dedicated to Jimmy Page. Includes Marty Piper Wilson from "Church" and amazing cover art by Martin Sharp who also designed Cream's "Disraeli Gears" cover. This copy is some special edition in green and yellow cover and marbled colour wax. Label states #14/20 pressed. M-/M- Includes insert 40

WE ALL TOGETHER - Same (Lazarus) High Quality Reissue of this Beatles influenced Peruvian Psych gem SEALED 20

WEST COAST POP ART EXPERIMENTAL BAND - Same (Fifo 101) 1994 Long out of print and very limited Reissue of their legendary 1966 Debut originally released in 100 or less copies and probably commanding a price in the 5 figure range nowadays. Ex+/M- complete with Insert 40

WEST COAST POP ART EXPERIMENTAL BAND - Volume 1 (Sundazed) 2 LP Sundazed Reissue of the Fifo LP plus unreleased tracks. M-/M-/M- 20

WILDEBEEST - Bushrock 1 (Breeder) Liited European Reissue of excellent Female vocal led South African Progressive Rock with strong Guitar, thundering Bass and searing Violin. M-/M- 20

WILDFIRE - Smokin (Shadoks) Brand new limited to 450 copies Shadoks Mastertape Reissue of this 1970 Hard Psych Powertrio recorded at Sonobeat Studios in Texas. Extra thick Gatefoldcover , 180 gram vinyl SEALED 35

WIZARDS FROM KANSAS (PIG NEWTON) - Still In Kansas (Rockadelic) Highly anticipated Rockadelic Release of 1969 Demo a year before their LP release on the Mercury Label. Heavy Guitar Psych with a fuzz drenched rendition of "All Along The Watchtower" aswell as the killer unreleased track "Exchange Of Clouds" M-/M- with Insert 25

YESTERDAY'S THOUGHTS - Take A Ride With... (Greece Sound Effect) 2004 Limited to 950 copies excellent Greek Garage Punk / Psychedelia with help and collaboration from Sky Saxon. M-/M- 20

NEIL YOUNG - Greatest Hits (Classic Quiex) 2004 Massive 200 gram! 2 LP set Audiophile Pressing from Analog Master Tapes. Stunning package with amazing Sound Quality and also includes a Bonus 7" EP with "Sugar Mountain" and " The Loner" . Perfect SEALED 40

NEIL YOUNG - After The Gold Rush (Germany Simply Vinyl) Limited edition 180 gram High Quality repress of this classic. Perfect SEALED 20

NEIL YOUNG - Are You Passionate? (Vapor Records) 2002 Deluxe 180 gram Limited Vinyl edition with Poster and thick Gatefold Jacket. Perfect SEALED 20

NEIL YOUNG - Silver & Gold (Germany Reprise) 2000 High Quality German Vinyl Pressing complete with printed Innersleeve M-/M- 20

NEIL YOUNG - Live At Fillmore East (Reprise) 2007 Great 1970 Live Set from Neil Young's personal archives. Released on 200gram audiophile Vinyl in perfect condition with Inserts M-/M- 20

ZAKARRIAS - Same (UK Tapestry) Limited to 500 copies out of print Reissue of one of the best and rarest UK Deram releases from 1971 M-/M- 30