The following LP's are all Original UK 1st pressing unless otherwise noted and will also include UK pressings of Northamerican, Australian , German bands etc..



100 Euro = 130 US Dollars Or Current Equivalent exchange Rate (For US And Canadian Orders only)




ANDWELLA - World's End (UK Reflection) 1970 Rare Original UK Pressing on the Reflection Label. Fragile Gatefoldcover with tiny bit of spine wear, Record maybe played once TOP copy , strong EX/M- 125

ANDWELLAS DREAM - Love And Poetry (UK CBS 63673) 1969 Original UK copy of late 60's Pop Psych brilliance. Truly one of the essential albums in this field. Laminated cover with a couple light creases, Record very clean , so EX/M- OFFERS!

ATOMIC ROOSTER - Nice N' Greasy (UK Dawn) 1973 Original UK Purple Dawn 1st Press. Record barely played strong EX/M- 75

BLACK WIDOW - Sacrifice (UK CBS 63948) 1970 Very Rare UK Original of their killer debut. Fragile matte Gatefoldocver as clean as possible, record barely played EX+/M- 125

BLOSSOM TOES - We Are Ever So Clean (UK Marmalade 608001) 1967 Original UK Stereo Pressing in absolutely untouched Mint condition. I seem to see way more Mono copies for some reason, here is a perfect Stereo copy M-/M- OFFERS!

BLOSSOM TOES - We Are Ever So Clean (UK Marmalade 607001) 1967 Original UK MONO copy. Again pretty much unplayed copy with a few tiny abbrasions from innersleeve under 100 watt light. Plays perfect M-/EX+ 500

GRAHAM BOND ORGANIZATION - There's A Bond Between Us (UK Columbia SX 1750) 1965 Slightly Later Black/Silver Label MONO Pressing housed in nice laminated Flipbacksleeve. This was issued a couple of years after the initial release and has also become very hard to find EX/EX 125

PETE BROWN & PIBLOKTO- Thousands On A Raft (UK Harvest 782) 1970 Original UK 1st Pressing without EMI Box of essential Progressive masterpiece. Amazing copy looks like it was played once, M-/M- 325

PETE BROWN - The Not Forgotten Association (UK Deram 1103) 1973 Original UK Press of probably his rarest LP. Fantastic condition, record looks unplayed! EX+/M- 185

BULLDOG BREED - Made In England (UK Deram Nova) 1969 Original UK Press of superb Hard Psych. Laminated Cover with Indicator hole on back. Record still housed in Blue Stereo Innersleeve with a handful of faint sleeve lines. Strong EX/M- 225

ROBERT CALVERT - Captain Lockheed and The Starfighters (UK UA 29507) 1974 w. Original inner + Booklet M-/M- 30

CARAVAN - Waterloo Lily (UK Deram SDL 8) 1972 Original UK Brown Deram Label 1st Pressing. Fragile unlaminated Gatefoldcover as clean as possible, Record still housed in original Innersleeve like new EX+/M- 120

CARAVAN - For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night (UK Deram SDL R-12) 1973 UK Original , laminated Gatefoldcover and LP are in wonderful TOP condition, record maybe played once M-/M- 50

CENTIPEDE - Septober Energy (UK RCA Neon 9) 1971 Original UK 2LP set on the great RCA Neon Label. Jazzy UK Prog Rock produced by Robert Fripp. Very fragile matt White Gatefoldcover as clean as possible, records both housed in Original black innersleeves. Great copy strong EX/M-/M- 140

COCHISE - Same (UK UA 29117) 1970 Great 1st LP. laminated Gatefold Orig. Burgundy Label EX/M- 40

MICHAEL CHAPMAN - Fully Qualified Survivor (UK Harvest 764) 1970 Rare Original Unboxed Harvest UK 1st Pressing of essential masterpiece. EX+/M- 125

CREEPY JOHN THOMAS - Same (UK RCA 8061) 1969 Rare UK original of wild Heavy Bluesy Hardrock. Cover with 2 light creases on back, Record barely played. Beautiful copy EX/M- 275

CROOKED OAK - The Foot O'Wor Stairs (UK Eron 19) 1979 Original of their great second LP M-/M- 50

CURVED AIR - Phantasmagoria (UK Warner 46158) 1972 Scarce Original Green Label UK 1st Pressing. Fragile white Cover, Record and thick Insert are all perfect like new! Unplayed Mint copy M-/M- 70

REVEREND GARY DAVIS - Children Of Zion (UK Transatlantic) 1971 UK Press of excellent Live Concert by Legendary Blues Guitarist EX+/M- 25

SPENCER DAVIS GROUP - Autumn '66 (UK Fontana TL 5359) 1966 Very clean Original UK MONO 1st Pressing in laminated flipbacksleeve. EX+/M- 125

DEEP PURPLE - Shades Of (UK Parlophone PCS 7055) 1968 Original UK 2nd Press with Silver Black Parlophone Labels. Housed in 1st Press laminated Flipbackcover and has The Gramophone Text on Label and only one EMI Box on Bottom. This was purchased SEALED from the previous owner, opened and played once. Absolutely new looking, Both cover and Record still housed in original Innersleeve the best I have ever seen M-/M- 125

DEEP PURPLE - Made In Japan (UK Purple) 1972 Original UK Press of this all time classic 2 LP set strong EX/M-/M- 80

DESIGN - Day Of The Fox (UK Regal Zonophone) 1973 Original UK Pressing housed in nice textured sleeve, Record looks unplayed EX+/M- 50

DIRTY TRICKS - Same (UK Polydor 2383 351) 1975 Orig. 1st LP great UK Hardrock ,perfect copy M-/M- 45

DONOVAN - HMS Donovan (UK Dawn 4001) 1971 Original UK Orange Label 1st Pressing of this scarce 2 LP set. Very clean copy but unfortunately no Poster EX/M-/M- 100

DRUID - Fluid Druid (UK EMI 3128) 1976 M-/M- 30

JOHN DUMMER BLUES BAND - Cabal (UK Mercury 20136) 1969 UK Original of Blues boom classic with T.S McPhee and Jo-Anne Kelly. M-/M- 175

JOHN DUMMER FAMOUS MUSIC BAND - Same (UK Fontana 6309 008) 1970 UK Original 1st Press in superb condition EX+/M- 200

AYNSLEY DUNBAR RETALIATION - Retaliation (UK Liberty 83223) 1969 Original UK Blue Liberty Pressing of rarely seen 3rd LP. Strong EX/EX 100

EAST OF EDEN - New Leaf (UK Harvest SHVL 796) 1971 Original UK Press of Great Progressive LP. Gatefoldcover and LP M-/M- 65

EDWARDS HAND - Stranded (UK RCA 8154) 1970 Rare Original UK Pressing of overlooked UK Prog LP with connections to Colosseum and Mogul Thrash housed in nice Klaus Voorman Cover art. M-/M- 50

END - Introspection (UK Decca 5015) 1969 Original UK Decca Pressing of sublime late 60's UK Psych classic produced by Bill Wyman. Stunning perfect copy, Record still housed in Blue Stereo Innersleeve looks like it was played once. Laminated Cover without creases or wear. Whole package looks like it came out of the store yesterday. M-/M- OFFERS!

FAIRPORT CONVENTION - Same (UK Polydor 583035) 1968 Original UK Stereo Pressing of brilliant Debut and most psychedelic of their LP's. Tiny scratch on front cover otherwise everything in stunning condition, really hard to find this clean M-/M- 250

FAIRPORT CONVENTION - John Babbacombe Lee (Uk island 9176) 1971 Original UK Pink Rim Label , Gatefoldcover and Ultra Rare sticker " Don't Hang Babbacombe Lee" . Only the first 500 copies came with the sticker EX/M- 60

FAMILY - Anyway (UK Reprise 54002) 1970 UK Press complete with Polythene Printed plastic outer sleeve M-/M- 35

FAT MATTRESS - II (UK Polydor) 1970 Origianl UK Pressing of excellent Prog Psych with Noel Redding. Laminated Cover and LP in TOP shape M-/M- 70

WAYNE FONTANA - One (UK Fontana TL 5351) 1966 Original UK MONO Pressing in perfect condition. Laminated Flipback cover is still in the shrink and record looks like it was played once. Best copy imaginable M-/M- 50

RORY GALLAGHER - Same (UK Polydor) 1971 UK Original , fragile unlaminated cover with tiny initial on back EX+/M- 40

GAS WORKS - Same (UK Regal Zonophone 1036) 1973 Original of hard to find Folk Rock LP on the Label M-/M- 60

GENESIS - From Genesis to Revelation (UK Decca 4990) 1969 Very Rare Original UK 1st Pressing Unboxed Decca Pressing. Fragile sleeve with original Mono/Stereo indicator hole on back very clean, only faint wear to backside. Perfect spine and no heavy creasing as usual. Record in wonderful condition and also contains the Lyric Insert And Blue Stereo Innersleeve. Best original copy I ever had. EX/M- 325

GENTLE GIANT - Acquiring The Taste (UK Vertigo 6360 041) 1971 Rare Original Vertigo Swirl 1st Pressing , Gatefoldcover with faint storage/ringwear on front , Record still housed in Vertigo Innersleeve absolutely TOP, played once VG++/M- 150

GHOST - When You're Dead - One Second (UK Gemini 1004) 1970 Original UK Press of brilliant Female Vocal led Folk Psychedelia. Laminated Flipbackcover with some light creases on the spine, Record rarely played EX/M- OFFERS!

GILGAMESH - Same (UK Caroline 2007) 1975 Orig. Black/White Label 1st Press M-/M- 50

GODS - To Samuel A Son (UK Columbia SCX 6372) 1969 Original UK Press of second and last LP of pre Uriah Heep Heavy psych Rock. Laminated Flipbackcover with light corner creasing, Record still housed in EMI inner very clean EX/M- 475

GODZ - 2 (UK Fontana ) 1969 Very Rare Original UK Fontana Pressing of legendary New York Underground Psych M-/M- 75

GONG - Camembert Electrique (UK Virgin 502) 1971 Original Black/White Label 1st Pressing EX/M- 50

GRANNY'S INTENTIONS - Honest Injun (UK Deram DML 1060) 1969 Original UK MONO Pressing. First time I ever see a MONO copy , can't be too many around and this copy is very clean complete with Original Red Mono Innersleeve. Great copy, record looks almost unplayed Strong EX/M- 250

GRAPEFRUIT - Deep Water (UK RCA 8030 )1969 Scarce Original UK Pressing of their 2nd and last LP. Small writing on Label otherwise M-/M- 50

GROUNDHOGS - Split (UK Liberty 83401) 1971 Original UK Liberty Pressing of amazing Heavy Blues Psych. Laminated gatefold M-/M- 50

GUN - Gunsight (UK CBS 63683) 1969 Original UK Press of rarer 2nd LP M-/M- 125

HAIR - Hairpiece (UK Columbia 6452) 1970 Very Rare Original UK Pressing of killer Danish Psych/Progressive Gem. Tough to find as a UK Press and this copy is in amazing shape. Laminated Flipback cover and LP are M-/M- 500

CLAIRE HAMILL - October (UK Island ILPS 9225) 1973 Original UK Pink Rim Island in perfect condition M-/M- 35

HAPSHASH AND THE COLOURED COAT - Human Host And Heavy Metal Kids (UK Minit) 1967 Original MONO Red Vinyl 1st Pressing in stunning unplayed condition! M-/M- 175

HAPSHASH AND THE COLOURED COAT - Western Flier (UK Liberty LBS 83212) 1969 Scarce Original UK Blue Liberty 1st Pressing. Very clean copy with most minimal trace of wear on back cover EX+/M- 120

TIM HART & MADDY PRIOR - Summer Solstice (UK B&C) 1971 UK Original 1st Pressing Gatefoldcover B&C Pressing. TOP copy M-/M- 50

KEEF HARTLEY BAND - Overdog (UK Deram SDL 2) 1971 Original UK 1st Pressing Brown Deram Label in brilliant condition. Unlaminated Gatefoldcover and Record are M-/M- 120

KEEF HARTLEY BAND - Seventy Second Brave (UK Deram SDL 9) 1972 Original UK Deram pressing. Beautiful copy, Record looks unplayed! Gatefoldcover has a neat coh top right M-/M- 90

HOLY MACKEREL - Same (UK CBS 65297) 1972 Scarce Original UK Orange CBS 1st Pressing of highly underrated UK Twin Lead Guitar Rural Progressive Rock. One of the rarer titles on the Label, housed in original CBS Innersleeve. TOP copy , record looks unplayed M-/M- 80

IGGINBOTTOM'S WRENCH - Same (UK Deram SML 1051) 1969 Original of very rare Now Jazzy Progressive Rock led by Alan Holdsworth. Laminated front cover with indicator hole on back very clean. Record still housed in original Blue Stereo Innersleeve with one lonely spindlemark, barely played with a few faint angelhair/scuffs from inner doign nothing. Great copy M-/EX+ 350

BERT JANSCH - It Don't Bother Me (UK Transatlantic 132) 1965 Very Rare UK MONO Very 1st Pressing on Original Transatlantic Label with small globe top left and "Transatlantic" fully spelled on Label. This was changed shortly after to the regular Purple/White Transatlantic Label. Stunning copy all around, looks barely played with one tiny surface scuff doing nothing M-/EX+ 120

JELLYBREAD - First Slice (UK Blue Horizon) 1970 Original UK Pressing of their great debut LP. Laminated cover with a tiny tear on back, Record maybe played once! EX/M- 140

JELLYBREAD - Sixty-Five Parkway (UK Blue Horizon) 1970 Original UK Press of scarce 2nd LP , stunning copy, record looks practically unplayed EX+/M- 175

JODY GRIND - Far Canal (UK Transatlantic 221) 1970 UK original of rarer 2nd LP and a mandatory addition to any Heavy Prog Psych collection. Fragile cover without lamination problems, no creases and no ringwear, looks new! Record with a few hairlines scuff from Innersleeeve and small tear on one Side of Label M-/EX 200

JOE JAMMER - Bad News (UK Regal Zonophone 8515) 1973 Highly underrated Heavy Guitar Progressive Rock , great copy M-/M- 100

JOE SOAP - Keep It Clean (UK Polydor) 1973 Original UK Press of highly underrated Prog Rock featuring Tennent & Morrison with backing from members of Jethro Tull, ELO and Stone The Crows. Finally getting some much deserved attention M-/M- 225

JUDAS JUMP - Scorch (UK Parlophone 10001) 1970 Original of underrated UK Progressive Rock LP with lotsof Guitars, Mellotron and Flute. Laminated Gatefoldcover EX/M- 85

KINKS - Something Else (UK PYE NSPL 18193) 1967 Rare original UK STEREO copy, much harder to find than MONO in my opinion and in wonderful condition. Flipbackcover with most minimal starting wear, Record looks like it was played once or twice EX+/M- 250

CURTIS KNIGHT ZEUS - The Second Coming (UK Dawn 3060) 1974 UK Original of highly recommended Heavy Guitar Psych fest. Clean copy including Lyric Insert M-/M- 85

KOOBAS - Same (UK Columbia SCX 6271) 1969 Original UK Freakbeat Psych Holy Grail. Laminated Flipbackcover with small cut out notch on back cover, Record very clean EX/M- OFFERS!

ALEXIS KORNER - A New Generation Of Blues (UK Liberty) 1968 Original Blue Liberty Label 1st Press in stunning like new condition, Cover is still in shrink, record prctically unplayed, best copy imaginable M-/M- 125

KOSSOFF KIRKE TETSU RABBIT - Same (UK Island 9188) 1972 Original UK Pink Rim Island 1st Press of excellent post "Free" Bluesrock LP. Thick Gatefoldcover with minimal wear, record still housed in original Blue Island Innesleeve EX/M- 50

MAN - Live A The Padget Rooms Penarth (UK United USP 100) 1972 Original UK Pressing still housed in United Innersleeve EX/M- 40

MAN - Be Good To Yourself At Least Once A Day (UK United 29417) 1972 Original UK Pressing housed in elaborate Gimmix Foldopencover. All in great shape M-/M- 30

JOHN MAYALL - Plays John Mayall/Live At Klooks Kleek! (UK Decca 4680) 1965 Original UK unboxed MONO Pressing of his great debut LP. Perfect Unplayed copy M-/M- 175

JOHN MAYALL - Plays John Mayall/Live At Klooks Kleek! (UK Decca 4680) 1965 Original UK unboxed MONO Pressing of his great debut LP. Another very clean copy EX/M- 140

JOHN MAYALL - The Blues Alone (UK Ace Of Clubs 1243) 1967 Clean Original UK Stereo Pressing M-/EX 50

JOHN MAYALL - Bare Wires (UK Decca 4945) 1968 Original MONO 1st Pressing unboxed Label in great shape EX/M- 75

MERSEYBEATS - Same (UK Fontana TL 5210) 1964 Very Rare Original UK MONO 1st Pressing of legendary Beat LP. Beautiful condition all around, laminated Flipback cover with small crease bottom right corner, Record looks barely played and shines like new with 1 light mark not affecting play so overall EX/M- 150

MOGUL THRASH - Same (UK RCA 8156) 1971 Original UK Press of highly underrated Progressive Rock in the vein of Titus Groan . Great copy EX/M- 120

MICHAEL MOORCOCK & DEEP FIX - New Worlds Fair (UK United 29732) 1975 Orig. Strange Space Psych by Hawkwind member. Great laminated cover comes complete with illustrated innersleeve. EX+/M- 50

MOTT THE HOOPLE - Mott (UK CBS 69038) 1973 Very Rare Original UK 1st Pressing with Die-Cut gatefold cover and super fragile PVC Artwork which was discontinued shortly after the release and replaced with a cheaper regular cover. Usually always has damage, this is the best copy I have seen and comes complete with Lyric Innersleeve and "Featuring Hit Single Honaloochie Boogie" Sticker on front cover. A true one off chance for a complete package, especially in this unheard of condition M-/M- 120

MOUSE - Lady Killer (UK Sovereign) 1973 Original of very rare now UK Heavy Prog Psych led by Ray Russell on Guitar. Fragile unlaminated Gatefoldcover and LP in amazing shape, looks barely played M-/M- OFFERS!

BILL NELSON - Northern Dream (UK Smile 2182) 1971 Great bluesy Fuzzy Guitar cosmic Psych LP on Holyground offshoot Label pre Be Bop Deluxe. Foldopen Unipak cover EX/M- 50

CHIITRA NEOGY - The Perfumed Garden (UK Gemini 5030) 1968 Scarce original UK Gemini Press of erotic Female Recitations over poems by Sir Richard Burton with groovy Sitar and Tabla backing by Big Jim Sullivan. "Encouragement Of The Lusty Wife" "Krishna And The Lovely Cowgirls" "Woman Is Like A Fruit" . Perfect copy M-/M- 50

NUCLEUS - Under The Sun (UK Vertigo 6360 110) 1974 Original UK Vertigo Pressing in perfect condition. Textured Keef Cover and LP M-/M- 90

NUTZ - Hard Nutz (UK A&M 64623) 1977 UK Orig. of their 3rd LP - Great Hardrock with "Wallbanger" "Beast Of The field" "Sick and Tired" "Loser" and more.. Perfect SEALED 30

OCTOPUS - Restless Night (UK Penny Farthing 508) 1970 Original UK Press of rarely seen Progressive rarity housed in one of the best sleeves of the era. Extremely fragile unlaminated Gatefoldcover with tiny bit of cornerwear, Record with no spindlemarks looks unplayed. Best copy I have seen EX+/M- , need to go with OFFERS!

OPEN MIND - Same (UK Phillips 7893) 1969 Original UK Press Of Mod Psych Holy Grail. Fully Laminated Cover with slight corner bumps, Record rarely played, a few angelhair under 100 watt bulb doing nothing. Great copy EX/M- OFFERS!

PINK FAIRIES - What A Bunch Of Sweeties (UK Polydor 2383 132) 1972 Orig. UK Gatefold of this heavy Psych classic, perfect M-/M- 50

PINK FAIRIES - Kings Of Oblivion (UK Polydor 2383 212) 1973 UK Original complete with the massive Foldopen Poster. TOP copy M-/M- 100

PLASTIC PENNY - Two Sides Of A Penny (UK Page One 005) 1968 Original UK Stereo Pressing of British Pop Psych gem. Great copy, Record absolutely unplayed and new looking M-/M- 175

PRETTY THINGS - Same (UK Fontana TL 5239) 1965 Clean Original UK Mono 1st Pressing Textured Label of great Debut EX/M- 200

PRETTY THINGS - Get The Picture (UK Fontana TL 5280) 1965 Original UK Mono Pressing of tought to score 2nd LP. Cover with small dots next to song titles on back, Record rarely played. Great copy! EX/M- 275

PRETTY THINGS - Emotions (UK Fontana STL 5425) 1967 Bloody Rare Original UK STEREO Press, Most copies seen are always Mono. Laminated Flipbackcover and LP with some faint hairlines are EX/EX 175

P.J. PROBY - Three Week Hero (UK Liberty 83219) 1969 Original UK Blue Liberty 1st Press with Led Zeppelin backing. Record looks practically unplayed EX+/M- 70

PROCOL HARUM - Shine On Brightly (UK Regal Zonophone 1004) 1968 Original UK Press of their rarest and hardest to find LP. Laminated Flipback cover and LP are strong EX/EX 175

PROCOL HARUM - Home (UK Regal Zonophone 1014) 1970 Original Uk Press of their 4th LP complete with Insert! Very clean copy with a few faint hairline scuffs from Innersleeve, otherwise EX/M- 100

QUIET WORLD - The Road (UK Dawn 3007) 1970 Original UK Orange Dawn 1st Pressing. One of the rarest and most mysterious Progressive LP's on the Label featuring Steve Hackett on Guitar prior to joining Genesis. Very Fragile unlaminated Black Gatefoldsleeve with light starting wear, Record barely played. Very nice copy of this rarity EX/M- 185

RARE BIRD - As Your Mind Flies By (UK Charisma 1011) 1970 Original Pink Scroll 1st Pressing. Fragile Gatefoldcover has a smooth finish with very faint rubbing on back, Record barely played. Great copy of this rarity EX/M- 80

ROLLING STONES - No. 2 (UK Decca 4661) 1965 UK Original Unboxed Decca 1st Pressing MONO. Very clean copy with light crease top left corner and one surface mark not affecting play. Almost no spindlemarks, maybe played a couple of times. Cover and Record both strong EX bordering on M- 100

SANDROSE - Same (UK Polydor) 1972 Rare UK Original of Female Vocal led French Heavy Progressive Monster with astonishing Guitar work by J.P. Alarcen. Really tough to find as a UK Press in this copy is in TOP shape all around M-/M- OFFERS!

SHAKEY VICK - Little Woman You're So Sweet (UK Pye 18276) 1969 UK Original Press housed in laminated flipbackcover of excellent late 60's UK Blues Boom LP EX/M- 120

SKIP BIFFERTY - Same (UK RCA 7941) 1967 Very Rare Original UK 1st Press Black RCA Label of this psychedelic classic and this copy is as good as it gets. Record looks unplayed, fragile sleeve with barely a trace of wear on back. Orange label Pressings turn up once in a while but Black Label 1st Issues have completely dissapeared EX+/M- 600

SMALL FACES - Same (UK Decca 4790) 1966 Original UK Unboxed Decca MONO Pressing on thick deep ridged Label still housed in original innersleeve. EX+/M- 180

SOLID GOLD CADILLAC - Brain Damage (UK RCA) 1973 UK Original of excellent Canterbury Prog Jazz with Mike Westbrook. This copy was bought SEALED , opened and played once! Perfect condition M-/M- in shrink 60

CRISPIAN ST. PETERS - Follow Me (UK Decca 4805) 1966 MONO Original Unboxed Decca 1st Pressing with Jimmy Page , Alan Parker and Big Jim Sullivan helping out! Laminated Flipback cover M-/EX 60

STACKRIDGE - The Man In The Bowler Hat (UK MCA 3501) 1974 Scarce UK Original 1st Press housed in unlaminated Gatefoldcover EX+/M- 50

STEELEYE SPAN - Hark! The Village Wait (UK RCA 8113) 1970 Original UK 1st Pressing in absolutely TOP unplayed condition complete with Insert of their great Debut LP. Fragile cover as new aswell M-/M- 85

STONEPILLOW - Eleazar's Circus (UK Decca Phase 4 PFS 4163) 1968 Rarely seen UK Original housed in nice laminated Cover of obscure Soft psych Folk psych with great track "Coat of Many Colors" M-/M- 50

STORYTELLER - More Pages (UK Transatlantic 232) 1971 Clean original of their rarer second LP EX/M- 60

STRETCH - Lifeblood (UK Anchor) 1977 Original 3rd and rarest LP along with "Forget The Past" by this underrated outfit with Elmer Gantry and Kirby. EX+/M- 40

WILLIAM R. STRICKLAND - Is Only The Name (UK Deram 1041) 1969 Scarce Original UK Pressing in wonderful condition, Record looks practically unplayed EX+/M- 75

STUD - Same (UK Deram SML R 1084) 1971 Original of exellent UK Guitar dominated Progressive. Super clean copy, M-/M- 200

STUD - Same (UK Deram SML R 1084) 1971 Original of UK Guitar dominated Progressive Rock. Clean EX/M- 175

TASTE - Same (UK Polydor 583042) 1969 UK original of great and tough to find Debut LP. TOP copy, looks unplayed M-/M- 90

TASTE - Live Taste (UK Polydor) 1971 Clean UK Original 1st Press M-/M- 30

THIRD EAR BAND - Same (UK Harvest 773) 1970 UK Original 1st Pressing without "EMI" Box. Laminated Gatefoldcover with small crease bottom right corner, Record barely played. Great copy strong EX/M- 75

THIRD EAR BAND - Music From McBeth (UK Harvest 4019) 1972 Original UK 1st Press housed in fragile textured Single Cover, Record barely played , strong EX/M- 75

ANDREAS THOMOPOULOS - Songs Of The Street (UK Mushroom 100) 1970 Very Rare 1st release on the legendary UK Mushroom Label. Brilliant melancholic Eastern tinged Underground Acid Folk by this great Greek SSW and former member of Second Hand. Very clean copy overall, fragile thin sleeve with minimal wear, Record in top shape so EX/M- 200

THREE MAN ARMY - Third Of A Lifetime (UK Pegasus 3) 1971 Original UK Pressing of killer debut. Gatefoldcover with small store sticker on back otherwise very clean EX/M- 85

TOE FAT - Same (UK Parlophone PCS 7097) 1970 Rare UK Original housed in laminated flipbackcover with crease bottom right corner. Record still housed in original EMI Innersleeve in TOP condition, maybe played once EX/M- 200

TOE FAT - Two (UK Regal Zonophone 1015) 1970 UK Original of Rarer 2nd LP housed in laminated Flipbackcover. Excellent Heavy Guitar psych progressive. Vinyl with a couple surface lines doing nothing EX/EX 150

TOMORROW - Same (UK Parlophone PCS 7042) 1968 Original Black/Yellow Label Stereo Pressing of all time great UK Psych classic. Laminated Flipback cover in Top shape, Record still housed in original EMI Innersleeve with a few faint hairlines doing nothing M-/EX 550

TRAFFIC - John Barleycorn Must Die (UK Island ILPS 9116) 1970 Very clean Original UK Textured Pink Island white "I" Label 1st Pressing. Tiny bit of discoloration bottom left corner, otherwise an unbeatable copy EX+/M- 125

TRAFFIC - On The Road (UK Island ISLD 2) 1973 Original UK 1st Press of this great Double LP. And this copy is in immaculate like new condition. Fully Laminated Thick gatefoldcover still crackles when opened, perfect. Both Records still housed in custom Innerlseeves are perfect unplayed looking. Innersleeves like new aswell. Looks like the day it came out in 1973 TOP copy M-/M-/M- 80

TRAMLINE - Somewhere Down The Line (UK Island 9088) 1968 Original 1st Pressing "Pink Eye" Label. Stunning copy, record is unplayed! EX+/M- 200

TRAMLINE - Moves Of Vegetable Centuries (UK Island 9095) 1969 Original "Pink Eye" Pressing of harder to find followup. Another copy with light lamination bubbling along spine, Record perfect EX/M- 175

TRAMP - Put A Record On (UK Spark 112) 1974 Great UK Blues Boom LP with Jo-Ann Kelly, Danny Kirwan, Mick Fleetwood and others.. EX/M- 50

TROGGS - Trogglodynamite (UK Page One) 1967 Original UK MONO Pressing in stunning unplayed condition! Cover has a cut out hole top left, Record unplayed EX/M- 100

TYRANNOSAURUS REX - A Beard Of Stars (UK Regal Zonophone 1013) 1970 Original UK Press of great 4th LP complete with the rare Insert. M-/M- 150

UTOPIA - Same (UK United 29438) 1973 Rare Original UK Pressing of excellent Kraut Progressive LP with members from Amon Duul, Gila, Embryo and Popol Vuh. Fragile unlaminated Gatefoldcover and LP are in TOP shape. Record looks unplayed! M-/M- 100

VELVETT FOGG - Same (UK PYE 18272) 1969 Original UK Press of all time great Heavy Psych Classic pre "Ghost". Laminated Flipbackcover and LP in great nick. Really hard to find a clean copy like this EX/M- 350

JOHN VERITY BAND - Same (UK Probe 1087) 1974 UK Original of highly underrated Heavy Guitar blaster pre Argent. Fragile sleeve with small split on top, Record looks unplayed EX/M- 100

SCOTT WALKER - Til' The Band Comes In (UK Phillips 6308035) 1970 Maybe his rarest LP. Fragile textured cover with a crease bottom left, record perfect played once! So EX/M- 75

SCOTT WALKER - The Moviegoer (Uk Phillips) 1972 Scarce UK Original in TOP condition M-/M- 50

CLIFFORD T. WARD - Singer Songwriter(UK Dandelion 2310 216) 1972 Rare 1st LP on Dandelion M-/M- 40

CLIFFORD T. WARD - Home Thoughts (UK Charisma 1066) 1973 UK Original 2nd LP, Gatefold EX+/M- 30

WARRIOR - For Europe Only (UK Private) 1983 Scarce NWOBHM Private , perfect SEALED 45

DARRYL WAY'S WOLF - Canis Lupus (UK Deram SDL 14) 1973 Original UK Press in perfect condition. Gatefoldcover and LP are TOP M-/M- 75

WEB - Fully Interlocking (UK Deram 1025) 1968 UK Original Stereo Press of their scarce Debut LP. M-/M- 200

WEB - Theraphosa Blondi (UK Deram DML-R 1058) 1969 Very Rare UK Original MONO Press! of their second LP. Record still housed in original Red MONO Innersleeve barely played. Very clean copy EX+/M- 250

WHITE NOISE - 2 (UK Virgin 2032) 1975 Original UK Virgin Presing still housed in Original Black Virgin Innersleeve. Looks unplayed EX+/M- 40

THE WHO - My Generation (UK Brunswick) 1965 Original UK Mono Pressing of their amazing Mod Psych debut LP. Very clean copy all around. Laminated cover would be M- except for small crease bottom left corner, Record with original Deep Groove Label has a few harmless angelhair under 100 watt light barely worth mentioning, strong EX/EX 200