ANDWELLAS DREAM - Love And Poetry (UK CBS 63673) 1969 Original UK copy of late 60's Pop Psych brilliance. Truly one of the essential albums in this field. Laminated cover with a couple light creases, Record very clean , so EX/M- OFFERS!

BEAT OF THE EARTH - Same (Radish) 1967 Original of legendary 1st LP with 2 sidelong Druggy Tribal Acid Rock flipouts. A unique LP from the 60's California scene and unlike anything else recorded during the summer of Love. Cover is perfect still in shrink, Record virtually unplayed. M-/M- In shrink OFFERS!

BEAT OF THE EARTH - The Electronic Hole (Radish) 1969 Very Rare 2nd LP of which only around 200 copies were pressed. Superb Acid basement Psych on several shorter songs with nice Fuzz Guitar and even some Sitar. For many the best BOT LP a bit in the vein of Stone Harbour. Perfect copy still in the shrink M-/M- OFFERS!

BLAST FURNACE - Same (Denmark Polydor) 1971 Original of Danish Heavy Guitar Organ Dominated Prog masterpiece with most members later on joining Culpeper's Orchard. Rarely ever turns up and this copy is in stunning shape. Glossy cover near perfect, Record barely played with faint name stamp on Labels. Also includes Original Lyric Innersleeve with some splitting, stains. Cover and LP are M-/M- OFFERS!

BLOSSOM TOES - We Are Ever So Clean (UK Marmalade 608001) 1967 Original UK STEREO Pressing in absolutely untouched Mint condition. I seem to see way more Mono copies for some reason, here is a perfect Stereo copy M-/M- OFFERS!

BRAZDA BROTHERS - Same (Can. Dominion) 1972 Bloody Rare Canadian Acid Folk Psych with dreamy atmosphere , acoustic/electric Guitars, occasional Fuzz outbursts, Cordovox and Congas. This copy is still in the shrinkwrap! M-/M- OFFERS!

BRITISH NORTH-AMERICAN ACT - In The Beginning (Canada Now) 1969 Original of brilliant Canadian dreamy Pop Psych Gem with lots of reverb guitar and Farfisa Organ. Very solid Lp from beginning to end and housed in one of the best period group shot covers ever. Beautiful copy, Front cover M- / Back cover with barely a trace of wear, Record maybe played a couple of times strong EX+/M- OFFERS!

CAROL OF HARVEST - Same (Germ. Brutkasten 85 0004 ) 1978 Impossibly Rare Original 1st Pressing of legendary German Female Vocal led Electric Progressive Folk Psych Monster. Has long been one of the rarest and most desirable LP's from the German Underground scene and this is the first time I'm able to offer an Original 1st Pressing. Laminated Cover with sharp "Brutkasten" Logo in great shape with tiny bit of cornerwear. 1st Press Record has ST 850004- A and ST 850004-B machine stamped matrix. Some faint hairlines visible under bright light, Side A playgraded EX with a couple of very faint background pops on 1st track only, Side 2 plays M-. Overall a fantastic copy M-/EX need some nice OFFERS!

COSMIC DEALER - Crystallization (Holland Negram) 1971 Original Press of full blown Dutch Underground Heavy Guitar psych , Druggy Vibes and lysergic Flutes. Outstanding condition all around, Cover with only a light crease bottom left, record very clean. Strong EX/M- OFFERS!

DARIUS - Same (Chartmaker) 1969 Original of legendary US Psych Monster and this copy is amazingly still SEALED without defects. A real one oiff chance in this condition SEALED OFFERS!

END - Introspection (UK Decca 5015) 1969 Original UK Decca Pressing of sublime late 60's UK Psych classic produced by Bill Wyman. Stunning perfect copy, Record still housed in Blue Stereo Innersleeve looks like it was played once. Laminated Cover without creases or wear. Whole package looks like it came out of the store yesterday. M-/M- OFFERS!

FEATHER DA GAMBA - Like It Or Get bent (Private) 1971 Ultra Rare Original Louisiana atmospheric Swamprock Psychedelia a bit in Stone Harbour realms. Most copies from the find a few years back have extremely bad pressing/sound quality with hazy vinyl, pressing bubbles etc.. This copy was found in the wild and is the best playing copy I ever had without hazing and storage marks. Cover in perfect shape with loose front cover slick / back is plain white. Record looks and plays amazing aswell M-/M- OFFERS!

GHOST - When You're Dead - One Second (UK Gemini 1004) 1970 Original UK Press of brilliant Female Vocal led Folk Psychedelia. Laminated Flipbackcover with some light creases on the spine, Record rarely played EX/M- OFFERS!

ALAN GORDON - Extragordonary Band (Tiger Lily 14039) 1976 Original of extremely Rare SSW LP on the legendary Tiger Lily Label. One of the most expensive and sought after titles besides Stonewall, Glen Faria. This copy was Sealed, opened and played once! M-/M- In shrink OFFERS!

GRAPES OF RATHE - Glory (Private) 1969 Impossibly Rare late 60's PA Private Press Psych Pop Psych obscurity with unexpected arrangements and Monster track "On the Brink". Never been Reissued and virtually impossible to find, this might be your only chance EX/M- OFFERS!

RANDY HOLDEN - Population II (Hobbit) 1969 Bloody Rare Original Pressing of over the top Heavy Drugged out Psych feast with relentless in your face heavy crushing guitar riffage. With Chris Lockheed from Kak on drums. Top of the heap when it comes to Stoned Heavy Guitar Psychedelia. Many counterfeits outthere, here is a rare chance for a true original in oustanding condition. Best copy I ever laid my hands on, fragile cover with absolutely no ringwear which is a miracle, no splits - perfect spine. Only a small crease top right corner keeping it from perfect. Has the usual small drillhole through center and Label like pretty much all original copies. Record in Top condition EX+/M- OFFERS!

KOOBAS - Same (UK Columbia SCX 6271) 1969 Original UK Freakbeat Psych Holy Grail. Laminated Flipbackcover with small cut out notch on back cover, Record very clean EX/M- OFFERS!

LESLIE BROTHERS - Wanted (Private Cupid) 1969 By far the rarest and most obscure LP on the entire site. Had been on my wantlist for over a decade and I had pretty much given up ever finding a copy until out of the blue this one turned up. Two brothers from Rural Kentucky that somehow ended up releasing this LP on a tiny Michigan Private Label. Musically this is amazing trashy inbred Guitar Psych Rock with crude Fuzz / Wah Wah Guitar , Real people vocals , slight messed up Creedence vibes and has even been compared to Stud Cole. Amazing Record that is really hard to describe in words, no info on year of release but sounds late 60's and this is only the 3rd known copy to ever turn up. One was found without a cover, the second is in rough shape and this one is by far the nicest. For more info please refer to the excellent Acid Archives book. Cover is really clean with small stain top right corner , Record just as nice with small pressing bubble on both sides. Plays almost entirely M- all the way through. Obviously a once in a lifetime chance to acquire this incredible artefact which is much rarer than the other biggies from Michigan such as Mystic Siva, Index, Mac Arthur etc.., Cover and LP are clean EX/EX , need tempting OFFERS!

LIMBUS 4 - Mandalas (Germany OHR 56001) 1970 Original 1st Press of legendary Tripped out Kraut Electronic experimental Progressive LP on the OHR Label. Laminated Gimmix Gatefoldcover and LP are in TOP condition but the reason this is in the Offers section is the impossibly rare Balloon which is still neatly attached into the Gimmix opening. And It's the original yellow Balloon with a psychedelic blue mesh design on the underside when blown up. Beware of people offering and inserting fake Balloons, this is the real deal and I have only ever seen one other copy in my life and not nearly as clean as this one. On the same rarity level as Tangerine Dream's "Electronic Meditation" with balloon which is also impossible. Very likely your only chance to obtain this Kraut masterpiece complete like this M-/M- OFFERS!

L'UOVO DI COLOMBO - Same (Italy EMI/ODEON) 1973 Original of Italian Complex Progressive rarity housed in nice laminated Gatefoldcover. A couple small lamination creases otherwise a TOP copy EX+/M- OFFERS!

MAJIC SHIP - Same (Bel-Ami) 1970 Original of Long Island, NY Guitar dominated Fuzz Psych Rarity. Been a very long time since a copy came my way and this one is amazingly still SEALED! Not many around in this shape... SEALED OFFERS!

TREVOR McNAMARA - Yeah Captain (Aussie Nationwide) 1969 Australian Private Pressing Acid Rock, Folk Psych with flashes of multi layered Fuzz Guitar at times sounding like Fresh Maggots and Mark Fry in the folkier parts. Great LP and impossibly rare now especially in this condition. Last copy sold fast, this one is even nicer M-/ M- OFFERS!

MERKIN - Music From Merkin Manor (Windi) 1973 Rare Original Press Breezy Westcoast Psych classic released on the small Windi Label in a small edition of a few hundred copies. Seems to have completely vanished the past few years. Eye popping Reverse negative Silver foil cover is still in the shrink, Record rarely played with a couple stray hairlines from Innersleeve M-/M- OFFERS!

MORLY GREY - The Only Truth (Starshine) 1972 Guaranteed Original 1st Pressing of legendary and mandatory Ohio Heavy Guitar psych. A must in every serious collection. Comes complete with the giant Poster EX+/M- OFFERS!

MORNING DEW - At Last (Roulette) 1970 Original of Kansas Major Label Psych classic. One of the best and hardest to find US Major Label LP's and this copy is simply perfect. Looks like it came straight out of the factory, perfect SEALED! OFFERS!

MOUSE - Lady Killer (UK Sovereign) 1973 Original of very rare now UK Heavy Prog Psych led by Ray Russell on Guitar. Fragile unlaminated Gatefoldcover and LP in amazing shape, looks barely played M-/M- OFFERS!

NEW DAWN - There's A.. (Hoot) 1970 Original of impossibly Rare Oregon Dreamy Downer Psych with doomy Organ,moody vocals, desperate lyrics and buzzsaw Fuzz outbursts. A very unique dark trip and one of my all time favorites from the US scene. Perfect copy played once M-/M- OFFERS!

OCTOPUS - Restless Night (UK Penny Farthing 508) 1970 Original UK Press of rarely seen Progressive rarity housed in one of the best sleeves of the era. Extremely fragile unlaminated Gatefoldcover with tiny bit of cornerwear, Record with no spindlemarks looks unplayed. Best copy I have seen EX+/M- , need to go with OFFERS!

OFOEDIAN DEN - The Birds (Rock Bottom) 1970 Ultra Rare Original of legendary Bay Area mystery LP. This was recorded 5 minutes from my house and is the only copy I ever came across. Tiny press and all copies sold at the original play back in 1970. For a description I will refer to the excellent Acid Archives book : "Although sightings are few and far between, this odd West Coast bird has acquired a minor underground reputation over time.  It is music from a College Of Marin stage production of an ancient play by Aristophanes, which theme the students saw as a fitting protest against the Vietnam War.  Jazzy hippie folkrock with clean electric guitar soloing, stagey solo and ensemble singing, ambitious compositions with shifting meters and moods, and lots of piano and flute.  The production value is clearly above average, with a tight, well-rehearsed band and chorus.  The songs and interludes are snappy and constantly moving, and The Birds may in fact work for some prog rock fans.  Its main fan base is likely to be West Coast private press hounds though, with additional allure via the Bay Area connection and (to some extent) Bay Area sound" Original Cover with some light seam/cornerwear top left. Record looks rarely played. EX/M- OFFERS!

OLD MAN & THE SEA - Same (Denmark Sonet) 1972 Original of legendary Danish Heavy Progressive Psych LP with roaring Hammond and layered Guitars. One of the true masterpieces from the North and this copy is unbeatable. Fragile unlaminated Gatefoldcover with ring or seamwear, Record looks like it was played once. Cleanest copy I've ever had, impossible to upgrade I'd say M-/M- OFFERS!

OPEN MIND - Same (UK Phillips 7893) 1969 Original UK Press Of Mod Psych Holy Grail. Fully Laminated Cover with slight corner bumps, Record rarely played, a few angelhair under 100 watt bulb doing nothing. Great copy EX/M- OFFERS!

RADIUS - Same (Italy Numero Uno) 1972 Original Of Hendrix inspired Italian Heavy Guitar Monster with relentless, vicious in your face heavy Fuzz leads. Extremely fragile single cover usual gets wear just by looking at it , this one is in almost unheard of condition with a barely a trace of wear on back only. Record is a White Label promo, no spindle marks, barely played. Has to be one of the nicest copies in existence EX+/M- OFFERS!

REIGN GHOST - Same (Can. Allied) 1969 Original of extremely Rare Canadian Psychedelic Monster led by Bob Bryden on Guitar and Lynda Squires providing haunting vocals. Hard to find clean copy M-/M- OFFERS!

REIGN GHOST - Featuring Lynda Squires (Can. Paragon) 1970 Original of Ultra Rare 2nd LP with strong Westcoast Jefferson Airplane Vibes. This simply never turns up and in all my years I have held and sold way more copies of Bent Wind and 1st Christmas. Must of been an extremely limited press at the time and this copy comes from my own collection. Was purchased SEALED about a decade ago. There was a moisture stain on the bottom right corner about 4 inches wide front and back so I took the shrinkwrap off. No other damages, no ringwear or writing and record itself is in near perfect shape, one lonely spindlemark - played a handful of times. So because of the stain I grade the cover VG+ / Record M- OFFERS!

RENACIMIENTO - Same (Mexico Private) 1976 Ultra Rare Mexican Private Press Xian Psych Recorded just across the border in Tijuana by an American and a Mexican. Very buried Psychedelia sung in Spanish with a nice primitive homemade sound consisting of Bass , Drums, Organ and Fuzz Wah Wah Guitar on pretty much every track. Ranges from Dreamy melodic parts to some strong Fuzzed out Guitar Solos that remind me of Kristyl at times. Impossibly Rare LP that gets a nice Review in the "Archivist" book but is otherwise pretty much an unknown Gem. Perfect copy , was purchased Sealed, opened and played a couple of times M-/M- in Shrink. Probably a one off chance OFFERS!

RFD - Lead Me Home (Private) 1971 Original of intense Xian Hippie Folk Rock Psych, Male Female Harmony Vocals and ringing Guitars. One of the better LP's in this genre. TOP copy still in shrink M-/M- OFFERS!

SANDROSE - Same (UK Polydor) 1972 Rare UK Original of Female Vocal led French Heavy Progressive Monster with astonishing Guitar work by J.P. Alarcen. Really tough to find as a UK Press in this copy is in TOP shape all around M-/M- OFFERS!

PANOS SAVVOPOULOS - Epeisodio (Greee Polydor) 1971 Impossibly Rare Greek Dark Acid Folk Psych with a very mystical stoned feel, Eastern elements, backwards Guitar , Tape effects, Tablas and Flutes. Was a tiny press of a few hundred copies at the time and is virtually impossible to track down in any shape. This copy turned up at a flea market in Germany many years ago and is in stunning shape all around. Fragile Gatefoldcover in Top shape without any ringwear, splits, writing etc.. Record rarely played with one harmless hairline from inner. A limited and long sold out Reissue appeared 2 years ago, here is a very rare chance to score this Gem in It's original format. Now or never.. M-/M- OFFERS!

SEVENTH DAWN - Sunrise (Private) 1976 Extremely Rare Original 1st Pressing on the Fantasy Worlds Unlimited Label issued in a tiny run of 200 copies. Amazing mix of Stoned Psychedelic Folk Hippie Rock with some Progressive elements , strong Female/Male Vocals, Fuzzy Guitar, effects..Virtually unknown until the very limited Reissue appeared in 1995 - here is a very rare chance to score one of a handful of known original copies. Original handpasted cover with clean Front cover slick aswell as both Back cover slicks with light moisture and creasing of back cover slicks. Record very clean, looks rarely played and comes complete with all 3 Inserts! One large Lyric Insert, an ordering form for additional copies and a small Promo Insert. Virtually a one off chance to score a copy complete with all slicks and Inserts EX/M- OFFERS!

SHEKINA GLORY - Have You Considered? (IGL) 1976 Ultra Rare Iowa Private Press Xian Psych Monster with Male/Female Vocals , ranging from dreamy Folk Psych to Hard Guitar Fuzz Jamming a la Earthen Vessel. Recorded in the same Studios as Shadrack Chameleon and virtually never offered for sale. This copy is perfect Sealed, most likely a one off chance to score a copy in this shape SEALED OFFERS!

SMOKIN WILLIE - Same (Private) 1972 Rare Original of Loud Fuzz & Organ laden Heavy Biker Psych with howling vocals. Tiny Private Press out of Indiana of which most copies were destroyed in a local dump in the late 80's. This is one of a few surviving ones and is perfect SEALED OFFERS!

TAYLOR - Same (NZ Polydor) 1972 Original of Ultra rare New Zealand Progressive Rock LP with stunning distorted wailing Dual lead Guitar especially on Side 2 aswell as some great Rural progressive elemenst in the "Help Yourself" or "Pluto" vein. Highly recommended LP and definitely on of the best and scarcest from New Zealand. Thin fragile Flipbackcover in amazing shape without splits, Record looks virtually unplayed. A true one off chance for a Top copy like this M-/M- OFFERS!

13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS - Psychedelic Sounds (International Artists 1) 1966 Original MONO 1st Pressing on Yellow/Green IA Label of one of the 1st and most important Psychedelic LP's ever released. Original MONO cover is very clean with partial loose shrinkwrap still atatched , slightly bumped corners but no ringwear, writing or splits. Labels have a faint name stamp and initials but vinyl surface itself is in amazing shape without a mark. Clean MONO copies are a bitch to find and will only go up in value. Strong EX/M- OFFERS!

RYAN TREVOR - Introducing (Private) 1977 Original Private Press of Ultra rare California mysterious Self produced one man lysergic Psych-Pop somewhat influenced by Paul McCartney, Emitt Rhodes but with an almost creepy lost Psychedelic atmosphere utilizing a ton of phasing, Fuzz, effects ranging from late 60's Beatles inspired Psych Pop to bizarre Eastern influenced Psychedelia with a lost outsider vibe. Recently Reissued by Galactic Zoo/ Drag City , on offer here is one of the very few known Original copies in circulation. Faint name written on cover otherwise the whole package is EX/M- OFFERS!

WHITE SUMMER - Same (Private) 1976 Ultra Rare Original Michigan Guitar dominated Psych Hardrock with a Westcoast touch. Only 500 copies pressed back in the day and this one is perfect M-/M- OFFERS!